How to heal a sunburn
Summer has always been infamous for showering heat like anything! Therefore, people try out all sorts of means to chill out by leaving their homes. One of the ways to chill out is to hit a beach! However, most of them neglect or take it for granted the hazards that the sun can induce, while staying out in the sun. Although it is known that lying for a long time under the sun on the beach is not that good, the fresh breeze seems to take hold of us for sure!
As a result, we cannot resist from lying down. However, the risk is that some parts of our body might get burned or get filled with dark spots. Moreover, too much exposure too sun for longer periods also plays a major role in premature aging and skin dryness.
So, in case you are suffering from such a sunburn, here are some cool treatments to get rid of them before they turn out to be the frightening enough to cause skin cancer. 
Cold Compress – The Best Home Remedy
Sunburn is marked by damaged epidermis (top skin layer), which is actually a serious symptom. The signs of this damage are experienced in the form of swelling and pain. To get relief from such irritating signs, applying a cold compress is recommended! It is one of the easiest sunburn treatments, which aims at calming the skin as well as prevent further swelling. 
While Vinegar - The All-inclusive Home Remedy
This vinegar has the power to provide relief from almost all symptoms of nasty sunburn. That is why it is regarded as one of the ideal treatments for sunburn. You can apply it on the damaged area with the help of cotton.
Herbal Tea – An Ideal Herbal Remedy
Herbal tea or black tea is used in the treatment of many chronic diseases because of its powerful medicinal properties. On sunburn, such a tea has a very cooling as well as healing effect!  
Aloe – A Perfect Skin Healer 
One more effective way to treat and alleviate the sunburn pain is applying Aloe. This herb has been in use since ancient days for treating all kinds of skin disorders as well as for beautifying the skin. Medically, Aloe has the power to calm and soothe the skin that is affected by the sunburn. Further, it also alleviates pain. So, applying it at least 5-6 times in a day particularly when you’re feeling pain or irritation is recommended. Nowadays, the herb is available in any drug store at a reasonable rate.
Stay Hydrated – The Mandatory Remedy  
Irrespective of the remedy you choose from the aforementioned ones, this one is a compulsory one to follow. To treat sunburn effectively, experts recommended staying hydrated at all times. Dehydration can worsen the condition of sunburn. Therefore, consuming more fluids while being in the sun will help in healing the damaged skin itself by leaving fewer scars behind. However, do not consume alcoholic beverages because they are more likely to add to the condition of dehydration.  


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