How You Can Erase Fine Lines

When you begin to age, one of the by-products of this process is fine lines. When your skin develops small, fine lines, this serves as an indication of damaged skin cell structures. The skin cells are involved in fighting off environmental toxins and free radicals that result from years of exposure to a lot of sun and environmental elements. Unhealthy eating habits also leave the cells incapable of producing adequate levels of proteins, collagens and elastin.

Consequently, the skin progressively acquires lines, wrinkles, dryness and uneven tones. Instead of concentrating on producing the essential elastin and collagen, the skin cells are involved in fighting off radicals. The lines usually appear on the forehead and around the eyes, and they are often accompanied by a dry and dull skin complexion.

You can protect your skin by avoiding UV sunlight, drinking lots of purified water to flush out toxins, and eating fruits and vegetables that are brightly colored to boost the body’s antioxidant activities. You can also boost the production of the collagen and elastin by nourishing the cells.

Many a times, fortunes are spent in eliminating these deep seated lines, through cosmetic surgeries that leave someone looking twenty or more years younger. However, this is not for everyone to afford.

If you live by a stretched and closely monitored budget, cosmetic surgery is not an option for you. Cheaper alternatives include natural remedies, which are capable of delaying and softening the appearance of the fine lines or even wrinkles. They enhance your beauty without being allergenic.

A most effective natural remedy, which has been in use for hundreds of years, is the egg face pack. You can make and use this at home. This pack constitutes of a mask that has been made from egg whites. You whip together about two egg whites, and then add lime juice in three drops.

Cleanse your face and apply the pack, then gently wash it off after twenty minutes. You can consider moisturizing the skin with completely pure honey.

The egg whites firm sagging jowls and skins. Fine lines and wrinkles are eliminated, and the skin’s elasticity is improved. What’s more, the occurrence of more fine lines or wrinkles is prevented.

An oil massage is equally effective. You mix pure castor oil with coconut and almond oils, and then warm the mixture. You cleanse your face and while the mixture is still warm, you apply it. Massage with only a light pressure, while applying deft finger movements.

Your concentration should be on the areas that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles, such as around the mouth. The eyes also get crowfeet. The best time for the oil massage is at night, before going to sleep. You leave the oil on overnight.

A collagen face pack is also an excellent natural remedy for fine lines. You mix ingredient that are collagen-rich. For instance, you can crush some fresh papaya and pineapple together until they form a smooth pulp.

You then apply this pulp on your face and around the neck. You wash it off with water, gently, after about fifteen to twenty minutes. The results are instantaneous, as your skin becomes fresh and healthier.

Here's a quick overview as well as some other tips for skincare:

  • Be sure to always add sun screen when going outside, especially when you're outside for longer periods of time.
  • Eat a healthier diet that includes organic, raw foods that fight free radicals. Foods that are processed are bad for your body and skin.
  • Try egg whites with lime juice as mentioned above.
  • Give yourself an oil massage every once in a while!
  • Try a collagen face pack as mentioned above. Papaya and Pineapple can be great for your skin.
  • Wear protection from the sun, including eyewear and even hats if you expect to be in the sun for more than a few minutes at a time.

I hope these tips help you and I'm always open minded for other suggestions. If you have any tips please let me know!


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