5 Ways to Treat Acne

In order to effectively treat acne, you need to know what it is and what causes it. Acne is known to be a disease that occurs when your oil glands are blocked and cannot secrete naturally through your skin. Although it is known to be a disease it is not dangerous.

The worst thing that can happen is scaring for the skin if acne is not treated soon enough. Everyone’s skin has tiny pores that are connected to oil glands beneath their skin. Follicles connect these glands to your pores. The oily liquid that can be produced by these glands is called sebum. Sebum brings dead skin cells to the surface of your skin by travelling through your follicles.Small hair normally grows through your follicles. When these follicles become blocked and infected, a pimple surfaces.

Pimples can appear on many places on the human body. Typically they show up on your face, chest, neck, shoulders and back. Acne spreads the more follicles you have that are block and become infected.The infection starts when skin cells hair and sebum clog pores and become infected with bacteria. The infection causes swelling and a pimple then develops as the clog starts to break down.

Different Types of Pimples

  • Blackheads – appear as tiny black heads on the surface of your skin. A blackhead is not dirt, however and will not go away by simply scrubbing your face.

  • Papules – small pink bumps that are visible on the surface of your skin.

  • Whiteheads – very small bumps that remain under your skin.

  • Nobules – these bumps are clearly seen on the surface of your skin. They are solid pimples that are rather large. They tend to be very painful and are implanted deep in your skin.

  • Pustules – these bumps are red at the base with pus at the top. They tend to be clearly visible wherever they occur.

  • Cysts- this is the type of pimple that can cause a scar. They hurt and are filled with pus and can also be seen clearly on your skin.

Acne is actually quite common in people from the ages of eleven to thirty. It does not matter what race you are either. Young adults and adolescents are the people that usually suffer the most from acne. There are a few cases of people in their fifties being afflicted with acne, however. Studies have proven that there are at least seventeen million Americans who suffer from acne at one time in their life. Women and men can both be affected by acne, but men seem to suffer from it longer. This is due to a high level of testosterone which has the ability to make acne worse.

What Causes Acne?

There is no clear answer for the cause of acne. The belief is that androgen, which is a type of hormone; levels that are high tend to produce more acne problems.This type of hormone level rises when a child reaches the adolescent age. When androgen rises in a person’s system it makes the oil glands beneath your skin grow. An enlarged oil gland creates more oil. This causes excessive sebum production and breaks down the walls of your pores and causes bacteria to grow.

In some cases, acne may be genetic. Medications that contain lithium and androgen may also cause an outbreak of acne. Another factor is greasy cosmetics. The more you clog your pores, the more susceptible you are to acne. When a woman becomes pregnant she could develop acne for the first time too or it may reoccur depending on whether they have ever had acne before.

Acne Treatments

There are all kinds of acne treatments that are on the market today. Switch on the television and you have a load of infomercials that explain why their latest product is the best. There are other ways to help cure and prevent acne problems that are natural, however. Not everyone needs to make a special trip to the doctor only to find out they need a dermatologist. There are quite a few organic products that are a natural cure for this bothersome condition.

You can do a lot of research on the internet to find out about medications and treatments, but before you try taking care of acne with natural products. Although there is not an actual cure for acne, there are ways to treat it and keep it from being an embarrassing condition that makes you avoid being in public. Below are home remedies that can help you keep acne under control.


If you spread organic honey over an acne breakout, it is thought to decrease redness, lessen inflammation and help previous acne spots fade. Wear it as a traditional facial mask. You should let it remain on your skin for about ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat your skin dry with a soft towel.Continue use of organic honey for as long as it takes to see improvement.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is normally used to help reduce redness for those that are suffering from sunburns. It also works for acne in this same manner. Not only does it help your skin lose the red irritated look that comes with acne, it also eases the pain. Acne can be quite uncomfortable and hurt. Ease the pain and redness with aloe vera. If you have an aloe plant you can simply snap a piece off of it and use the aloe in its natural state or you can purchase aloe vera in your local pharmacy. It is a great home remedy to have on hand for all kinds of ailments.

Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

This type of cream, although it can be prescribed by your doctor in a higher dosage, works great to help stop breakouts of acne. So far it is known to be the best treatment for acne. You can normally find it in many different concentrations and strengths at a local drugstore. Before you make a doctor’s appointment, try benzoyl peroxide cream.

Non-comedogenic Makeup

Another way to look at acne and treatment is to consider what you put on your face on a daily basis. What you should avoid putting on your skin is just as important as what you put on your skin. Makeup that is pore clogging hurts your chance of being able to reduce the amount of acne in which you suffer. You can start controlling what you put on your face by finding non-comedogenic makeup. This assures that the makeup you are choosing has been created to prevent the clogging of your pores. Normally, this means there is very little oil in the base product.

Oil-free Moisturizers

Acne tends to spread when you use a moisturizer that is laden with oils. There are two mistakes that are made when considering moisturizers. The first is to avoid it at all costs. This is not a good idea since your skin needs moisture in order to be supple. Otherwise you can cause your skin to flake and produce patches of dry skin. This is just the beginning of a long list of problems that can occur with dry skin.The second mistake is choosing moisturizers that are not oil free. When your skin does not respond well to regular moisturizers, it is time to find an oil free moisturizer that will not bother your acne condition.

All of the treatments that have already been mentioned will help you get back to having a healthy natural balance for your skin type. That is part of what needs to happen to keep acne from flaring up with notorious breakouts. Every skin type and acne problem is different too and not all treatments are going to work for every exact situation.

The best thing you can do is to try these natural treatments first. It is recommended that you try one at a time so you can determine which one is best for you. Perhaps a couple of treatments work best for you when used together. As mentioned above, sometimes it is not a treatment that will help with acne conditions, but rather switching brands of makeup and moisturizer for products that contain less oil.

If you have tried everything listed and still see no progress, then you should consult your physician. It could be that you need a prescription in order to get your acne under control. Discuss the different treatments mentioned here too. These treatments may be good for you when coupled with medication.


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