Acne Treatments for Teenagers

There are a large number of acne treatments that are available for teenagers in the modern day world. However, it is best to keep in mind that the type of treatment that you need, will depend on what your individual needs are. The majority of teenagers who find themselves suffering from acne are due to the fact that teenager’s hormone levels are constantly changing.

For the average teenager, acne will go away the older the teen gets. However, some teenagers will experience extreme forms of acne than will leave emotional or physical scars. Fitting in with the crowd is the one thing that most teenagers strive for and acne can be one of those things that make them stand out. It is always best to consult a dermatologist long before acne has a chance to become severe.

If you are a teenager who has a very mild case of acne getting rid of it may just be as easy as buying something over the counter. One of the most common forms of over the counter treatments for teenagers is facial soups. You can use any kind of facial soup that is mild or a form of facial soap that is specifically for acne. It is important that if you use this kind of product that you continue to use daily even after there are no signs of acne present. After you have washed your face with the facial soap you will then want to apply a form of benzoyl peroxide to the face or a salicylic acid. The most common form of salicylic acid will be in the form of a facial cleansing pad.

It is always best to avoid touching the affected areas of your face as this can cause the acne to spread. Never try to pick or tear at a pimple, because it can sometime lead to infections. It is also wise to try and avoid scratching because it can form scarring or scabs. If you suffer to moderate or severe conditions of acne the treatments that are available over the counter will more than likely have very little affect for you, and will have to see a dermatologist and let him or her examine your infected areas.

A common way dermatologist will help to fight against acne is by prescribing a patient oral antibiotic. Oral antibiotics will help to fight off the bacteria that are located in cysts, pimples, and of course nodules. The doctor can also choose to prescribe you with acne antibiotics that will help to reduce the fatty acids inside of your pores. Acne antibiotics will often come in a cream to allow you to apply directly to the area needed or as a pill.

There are also certain kinds of therapy available for those who suffer with moderate or severe acne. A doctor may able to determine if you will need any form of laser treatment or a light wave therapy. Light wave therapy is perhaps one of the most effective treatments out there to get rid of acne problems without damaging your skin, by killing the bacteria that is causing the problem.

Due to the cost of this treatment, it is often used as a last option for teenagers who suffer from severe acne when all other methods of treatments have failed. Another effective method a dermatologist ma use is to drain any large cyst or pimple individually. Cryotherapy may also be another treatment that could be worth looking into to treat your acne that involves lowering your skins temperature to jump start its healing process. If you have moderate to severe acne you will still have to use benzoyl peroxide to keep your pores unplugged along with prescription medications.

It is also common to see with teen females for a doctor to prescribe them certain types of birth control based on the fact that some forms of birth control contain acne fighting properties. Do not expect to find a super quick fix to any of your acne needs. It will undoubtedly take weeks and months for your acne to become completely healed. It is crucial for males to make sure that they shave carefully if they develop any form of acne on their face. 


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