Home Remedies for Acne

You no longer have to worry about the acne that is all over your face. This is because there are different natural acne treatments that you can go for. Most of them are effective, and within a short period, you will have a smooth face without any mark on it.

Most people usually avoid crowded places because they have acne all over their face, and they feel demoralized. In case you are one of them, you do not have to worry about this anymore. The reason as to why a lot of people prefer natural acne treatment is that there are no side effects.

To get the best results, you should have very good hygiene. You also need to eat healthy food, avoid any stress and also exercise a lot. The most important thing is to drink a lot of water as it will help in making the body function well.

It is also advisable to stay away from smoking and drinking of alcohol as this has a great effect on your body. There are places which are highly polluted with toxic substances, and you should avoid them. On top of that, avoid using products that have a lot of chemical on your skin as they will react with your body.

Most people are advised to use the natural remedies as they are more effective and do not have any side effects. There are many people who are trying to get rid of acne, and they are all using different natural remedies.

There are many natural treatments that you can go for. You can also come up with a way of getting rid of all the acnes while at home using some ingredients that you will get in your kitchen. This shows that apart from being effective, they are also affordable. There are many recipes that you can easily make at home within a short period.

Honey and spice mask

You need to have one tablespoon of honey, and you have to make sure that it is pure honey, have some cinnamon and fresh lime juice. You then have to carefully mix all of these ingredients together until you are satisfied that all the ingredients have all mixed up. Immediately apply it on your skin and leave it there for about one hour. You then have to rinse it off with cold water, and you will immediately feel the skin being soft. When you do this for a few days, you will notice that the acne is starting to fade off.

Cucumber and avocado mask

When making this, you need to have at least four avocados, one cucumber, three and a half cups of water and some salt. To have a thick and smooth paste, you have to blend all these ingredients together. You then have to apply the mixture on the face, leave it there for about twenty to thirty minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. You have to make sure that the towel you are using to pat your face dry is clean. Your pores will be free from oil and dirt, and thus making it look clear and it will also be nourished.

Homemade soaps

You may be wondering if it is possible to make soap while at home. This is possible, so long as you have all the necessary ingredients with you. The process is easy, and you will be done before you know it. When making soap at home, you have to make sure that you have a thick saucepan which you will use to cook the soap. The ingredients that you will need are tea tree oil, green tea powder and French green clay. You then have to blend all of these and mix them with olive oil. The olive oil acts as soap base, and you are also expected to add some castor oil. This soap will thoroughly clean the skin, leaving it moisturised. 

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I think it's good that you mention avoiding stress. That's more easily said than done, but I think it's important because stress is known to have a major effect on acne and on health in general.

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