Safe and Effective Ways to Treat Acne

Most everybody will be affected by acne in some point of their life. It is a part of growing up and every day with the new technologies coming out companies are finding better and safer ways to get rid of the problem.

One of things you can do to try and keep acne from appearing on your face is to keep your hands off of any part of your face. It is harder than it seems and people do this every minute of the day without even realizing it. When you touch your face you are getting sweat and germs which is what some of the causes of acne.

Another way is washing your facial area at least twice a day. You want to do this like once in the morning and once before bedtime. During the day your facial area is in contact with all sorts of germs including smoke tobacco, grime and grease to name a few. When you clean your face you are at least breaking up some of the bacteria that are on the skin and this gives it a less chance of you getting any form of acne.

Do more exercise some people are known to do a thirty minute workout a day. This is not only good for your physical health but also will do your skin some good. When you sweat from any form of exercise the sweat will restore order of certain hormone levels which will help reduce sebum production.

Also keep in mind that when you are doing some form of workout to not wear tight fitting clothing you need to keep your clothes loose on you so when you do sweat the fluids aren’t sticking to your clothing and in some cases this can cause acne especially with things like a chin guard or helmet. Acne can appear anywhere not just on the facial area. Make sure to take a shower after each workout with this in mind you are restoring your skin and helping it revive itself from the sweat that has gotten inside your pores.

Have some benzoyl peroxide on hand this will help a lot with getting rid of acne. You can buy any form of this product over the counter or you can get the prescription version it all will vary on which you prefer the most. Keep salicylic acid in your bath room because even though this will not kill the bacteria it can help you get rid of any forms of acne.

The acid will cause the skin to shed its outermost layer which gets rid of the layer of all the skin cells that are dead. This also helps the skin be able to keep the pores clear of all blockages that might occur. Keep in mind that you will not want to apply this to any part of the skin that has an open wound and once you start using it you will need to continue doing this so you can get the full benefits of the effect.

If you wear make-up you will need to read on each product and see what the ingredients are because some make-up is better than others and will not be as bad for your skin. Also when wearing any form of cosmetics you will always need to make sure to remove it before going to bed, some people do not realize that when make-up sets on your skin for a long period of time it seeps inside your skin and this can clog up pores which in return can cause acne.

Not all over the counter creams will work to keep acne cleared some people will also try antibiotics. Everybody knows that any form of antibiotic is a type of medication that gets rid of any infections in the body and also with acne it will help in reducing any existing irritation while also preventing any new growth of bacteria. This works because it takes away the bacteria’s capability to produce proteins.

Be careful when using any kind of medication though some will cause scaling and dryness to the skin whereas others can make the skin very sensitive to light which means you will need to keep some form of sunscreen at hand.

Some women will even go the route of taking some form of birth control pills. There are three forms of birth control pills that have been approved by the FDA that can help with acne on some women, keep in mind though that it doesn’t work for everyone. The reason people will try the product is because it has a mixture of progestin and estrogen.

With these two it has been noted that it lowers the sebum production for women in general. The side effects to this point of measure for helping with acne are birth control has been known to cause nausea, headaches and high blood pressure. These are just a few ideas that people can do if they want to get rid of any form of acne.

You can also learn about home remedies for acne if you prefer to try out natural acne treatments.


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