Being Smart With Your Tanning

The abuse of the spray tan in the early part of the new millennium is now looked upon with no small amount of ridicule. Very few people could pull it off and most people ended up with, well to put it delicately, the orange look which was hardly flattering. And when they weren't orange, it was too easy to get sunburnt because people spent too much time in the sun or neglected to put on sun block, thinking that the tan will save them from it (it won't).

In fact, the abuse of self tanning was pretty prevalent before the orange millennium, with spray tans gone horribly awry being lampooned across television. The warning was always clear: be careful and be smart if you want that golden tan without looking silly. The same holds true today, only today it's less about the orange look (thankfully those awful spray tans have largely gone the way of the dinosaurs) and more about taking care of your skin while you tan so that you can still have a healthy dermis along with the look you want. To that end, self tanning is more than just sliding into a UV ray booth or lounging on the beach, it means taking care right from the start to use the right products.

You will need the following:

1. A daily lotion that exfoliates skin properly. Use it for one to two weeks before you actually start tanning. Exfoliation will help your skin stay soft and ready for the tanning process.

2. A moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin will help it to tan better and stay soft and clear throughout the process.

3. Choose your indoor tanning lotion. You should opt for a tanner that actually goes with your skin color; light for fair skin, light-medium for skin that burns and then tans, medium for normal tan skin, and deep for skin that is naturally dark. Doing this will give you a more natural looking tan. Use gloves and rub the tanner evenly over your face and body, lotion regularly, apply tan, then wash and exfoliate.

The reason for all the preparation is simple: all of this prep work will allow your skin to stay healthy and vibrant through the process, giving you a superior tan and helping your skin stay healthy. After all, it is essentially dyes, chemicals, and various nutrients you are putting on your skin, so helping it along with the right groundwork will go a long way towards improve your results.

And never mistake self tanner for sun block; they're not the same thing! You may have a fantastic sun kissed look without the use of the sun, but that's no reason to wander the beaches unprotected. You should still wear at least SPF 15 sun block and make sure you spend time in the shade as well as the sun to protect yourself from the damaging UV rays. That way, you get the best of both worlds!

It's not precisely hard to get a great tan, it just takes a bit of work and the right products to help you on your way. Stay healthy and stay golden!

Having a golden tan is important to many people, but things like sun damage or not enough sun stand in the way. If this sounds familiar, you need a good tanning lotion to help you along.


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