Protect Yourself if You Work Outside

You need to be safe when you are working outside in the sun. Working outside means long hours in the hot sun. Protecting oneself from the sun’s rays is more important than ever. Failing to give your skin the right treatment from the start can lead to a lot of problematic results. Everything from sunburn to skin cancer can be the result of long sun exposure. Spend too long in the sun and you might even find yourself courting first or even second degree burns.

However, the problem with traditional sunscreens is that you cannot simply slather them on and then head rightout and onto whatever your work may be. If you read the back of any label and you will quickly discover that the sunscreen needs time to be absorbed by your skin before it is actually ready to give you the sun protection you want and need. What is worse is that this can take 20 minutes or more, and that is 20 minutes you simply do not have when it comes to your job.

A Different Approach

R&R Lotion crafts industrial strength sunscreens that are ideal for those working outside for long hours. They understood early on that people simply can’t wait – they need a sunscreen to go to work for them now. After intense research, they discovered that by adding zinc oxide, workers could go outside immediately without any long wait.

Zinc oxide does not just block the sun’s rays. Instead, this important ingredient actually reflects the rays back. It’s like applying a liquid mirror to your skin! The sunscreen even goes on clear, so there is no intense wiping to make that white smear go away like with store bought sunscreens. Zinc oxide sunscreen is crafted with natural ingredients and protects you against both UVA and UVB rays, both of which can be severely damaging. You can feel confident as you work hard in the sun with our sunscreen knowing that there is a powerful barrier between you and rays that can lead to skin cancer.

The Sizes You Need – And Eco-Friendly Too!

Every business will be different and will require different needs for their workers. This is precisely why there is no need to buy a single size design in our sunscreen. R&R Lotion offers a wide array of different products that can help serve your business. Whether you need a refillable wall-mounted dispenser or individual packets, you are covered. The Environmentally Friendly Packette and Paper Bottle Packetteis made of recycled materials as well, so you can feel good about helping the environment as well.

All of R&R Lotion’s products are made right here in the USA and are manufactured with the highest of quality under the FDA Regulatory Guidelines.


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