Tanning Lotion For Men

When it comes to tanning lotion, it seems to be a woman dominated area, much like the rest of the cosmetic industry. But looks can be deceptive; men are just as proud of their tan as women are, if not more so. A tanned male is seen as more attractive, a sign that he works outside or does plenty of outside recreation (either way, he's seen as stronger and fitter) and generally healthier. But getting a tan isn't always easy; there are plenty of days with no sunlight and of course that pesky winter to contend with!

Some men may feel slightly foolish in trying to get tanning lotion when it seems that many of the tanners out there are geared for women. But there are ranges of tanners for men too and furthermore, good reasons to get them. Men can derive the same benefits from these products as women do which includes:

  • Moisturized and vitamin enriched skin
  • A darker color that can help prolong a natural tan
  • Stimulating the production of melanin in the skin which can help you get a tan more easily
  • Preventing the use of anything with UV rays that can cause skin damage and even problems such as skin cancer

Tanning lotion manufacturers have known for a long time that there would be a demand for their product, not just for women, but for men too. This means that are plenty of lines of tanning lotion that are marketed towards men, though they are generally made by the same company as the ones marketed towards women and (psst) they tend to be the same thing! The important part of a good type of skin product (this one included) after all is the right ingredients, plenty of minerals and vitamins, and water. Choosing the right darkener is going to be a matter of your budget, what kind of tan you want and what kind of ingredients and brand you care to work with.

Men should not feel silly about wishing to take care to look their best and including the shade of their skin as part of their regime. Proper tanning can be a safe way to take care of your skin and be proud of your appearance to boot. Men can take away just as many benefits from these products as women do and they have every right to do so as well. So, if the winter storms are bearing down, don't worry about turning as white as the snow! Find a good tanning lotion product and take care of your skin.

Having a golden tan is important to many people, but things like sun damage or not enough sun stand in the way. If this sounds familiar, you need a good tanning lotion to help you along.


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