3 Tips for Smoothening Hand Wrinkles

Growing old is something that people seem to resent because of the effects that it has on their bodies. What was once a nice looking skin, it seems to be long forgotten. It is said that the true age of a woman is revealed when you look at her hands.

The wrinkles that appear here are really hard to cover up and even if they are part of a natural process, they may be intensified by poor nutrition and also UV ray exposure. In many jobs, like painting, pianists or even sculptors, the apparition of wrinkles is not welcomed as their hands are constantly in the public focus. This is why they try to make things look better.

But you do not have to be in one of the categories mentioned above to take care of the hand skin. Wrinkles look horrific no matter what profession the bearer has and it is not a pleasure to have wrinkles on the hands.

No one can stop aging and it is probably not the purpose of this article to teach you how doing it. Aging in a beautiful way is essential and hand wrinkles can be smoothened with the help of applying the following three precious tips. It is not that difficult to take care of the hands as they are in use all the time.

1. Keep them moisturized

It is well-known that wrinkles form when the level of moisture in the skin is not high enough. In this way, there is the need to moisturize the skin on a constant base and to do so each day needs to be followed by a strict routine. Creams must be applied generously on the hands and they all need to include some vital ingredients. The Cynergy TK is known to be a type of keratin that will help strengthen the tissues of the skin. This ingredient must be found in the creams used. This functional keratin will help in boosting the production of elastin and collagen in the most natural way.

Another key ingredient that must be present in creams is the Phytessence Wakame. This is sea kelp which is responsible for supplying the skin with hyaluronic acid. For the ones that do not know, this acid is supposed to attract as much moisture as possible and keep it in the skin.

If a person has enough amounts of this acid the skin will not dry and wrinkle as the production of collagen and of elastin will be boosted. Another important ingredient is represented by the antioxidants. These substances help in the fight with free radicals. These radical are responsible for skin damage. The most powerful antioxidants known are the Vitamins A, E and C and the green tea extract.

The cream needs to be applied twice a day and it is recommendable to do it in the morning and in the evening. Also if the hands need to stay in the water for a longer period of time, like when someone does their laundry or cleans the dishes, there is the need to apply the cream after these operations. Specialists recommend women to wear special gloves after they have applied the cream. In this way they make sure that the ingredients are better absorbed by the skin and remain locked in the same place.

2. Healthy lifestyle

Together with using creams and other moisturizing products, the things that you eat and drink are crucial for smoothening the hand wrinkles. The intake of water is important and the body has to be hydrated from the natural source, namely water. The role of this thing in the beauty of the skin cannot be diminished by the use of other products. Water helps the body to be hydrated and the skin will look a lot healthier and get a nice young look. The first thing in the morning it is vital to drink two glasses of water. Until bedtime, it is recommended to drink half a glass at every single hour. In this way the supply of body water is always fresh.

Another important part is represented by eating. It is good to have a healthy nutrition and to eat well. Wrinkles and skin aging can be associated with poor eating habits and the only way to get rid of them is by lowering dangerous foods. Such foods like junk or pre-cooked ones should stay out of everyone’s table. They are full with poor calories and chemicals that will only damage the body.

It is really crucial to know what you are eating because in many cases, there is the danger of ingesting dangerous things. The best way to tackle this problem is to eat as many veggies, fruits and fish as possible. These are sources of natural antioxidants and they include large amounts of fiber. Everyone knows that fiber is good at cleaning out toxins and also has properties that will decrease the rate of the aging process.

3. Good skin care program

The last thing that can be done for the hand wrinkles is to have a really strict skin care program. The hands need to be cleaned thoroughly by washing them all the time. The soap used should have exfoliating particles. The hands need to be washed as often as needed, but no excess is recommended. Removing the dead cells twice every week is important. For this, an exfoliating product should be used. Also exposing the hands to the sun needs to be limited as much as possible by wearing gloves or a powerful sunscreen. 


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