Dealing with Wrinkles on Your Upper Lip

Wrinkles that appear on the upper lip are a far sight less common then those that are likely to appear in the eye area, forehead, and neck. However, they are still wrinkles nonetheless, and are still likely to mar the appearance of the face. It is generally the case that wrinkles will form on the skin as a consequence of a lack of elasticity and moisture in the skin.

A need to cope with wrinkles is more likely to be with those that are advancing in age, although there is a tendency for wrinkles to form sooner in some situations. Exposure to the suns rays is often likely to cause the onset of premature ageing. And, if concerned specifically with wrinkles on the upper lip, a major cause for this problem relates to cigarette smoking.

It is often the case that people don't connect smoking as a main cause for the development of upper lip wrinkles, but this is very much the case. It generally relates to the fact that when someone is smoker they are constantly puckering their lips, meaning they are constantly moving the muscles around the mouth.

In time, those muscles will start to weaken and constrict to such a degree that the muscles will stop bouncing back to their normal healthy state. In addition, the dryness of the cigarettes can cause the skin to lose moisture, which in turn means that the area round the mouth will be more susceptible to wear.

If the wrinkles on your upper lip are starting to cause you concern, then you are likely to the looking for solutions to help clear the problem. Here are several steps which might be taken to help get rid of the noticeable signs of wrinkles -

1) It might be difficult, but a significant step in the right direction to preventing more wrinkles in that area is to take the necessary steps to quit smoking.

2) Try to limit any prolonged use of the muscles around the area - this might include using a straw when you are having a drink.

3) If you are planning on going out on a bright sunny day, then it will certainly help if you are able to apply the right sun protection with a sufficient rating to avoid further damage to the lip area. It can also help to wear a hat with a sufficiently sized brim to help shield the face area.

Promoting a healthy skincare routine

It can also help if you are able to change to a very healthy skin care routine. Begin the day by washing the face with a cleanser that is non-pore-clogging and mild. It will help if you are able to limit the make-up that is used in that area of the face as much as possible. If you really want to use make-up, it will certainly help to use a brand that is chemical free.

It is often found that many of the cosmetics that contain chemical based ingredients are likely to promote the onset of ageing skin. After cleansing, you should moisturize with a product that is ideally formulated for use throughout the day. After a busy day, it is likely that will want to freshen up once again, you can now cleanse the face once more and re-hydrate using a quality hydrating lotion.

Also it will be highly beneficial if you are able to adopt a skincare routine where the skin is exfoliated several times each week. If you have sensitive skin you might want to restrict this to once or twice a week, whereas for those that aren't sensitive, it's might be possible to complete this routine three or four times a week. A key benefit to taking the effort to exfoliate the skin is that it will remove the build-up of dead skin, to reveal the much fresher layer of skin beneath.

It will also be helpful to take the necessary amount of daily drinking water, which is not only great for the appearance of our complexion, but also for our general overall health. Water is often seen as one of the simplest, yet most effective ways of promoting the appearance of the skin. And of course it is entirely free. A regular intake of water is perfect to keep the skin smooth and hydrated, whilst also making it a lot more difficult for the first signs of wrinkles to appear.

If you are already using an anti-aging lotion, you might want to determine that it includes the following active ingredients – retinol (highly effective at regenerating and repairing the first signs of damaged cells), antioxidants (helps with fighting free radicals), hyaluronic acid (a specific form of acid which is able to promote moisture), and a active keratin (increases the body's ability to produce collagen).


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