How to Remove Mascara Every Day

Normal mascara is easily removable. Just wash your lashes with water and the mascara will go away. This posed a serious problem to women in the event of a rain.

The rain would easily wash away all the mascara and could in fact turn your beautiful face from good looking to not-so good looking. If you have tears as well, the mascara would be washed away and would affect the makeup of your face.

That's when the cosmetic companies innovated with waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara was designed to keep the makeup on and prevent water or tears from washing it away and disturbing the makeup.

But the problem with waterproof mascara is that it isn't easy to remove. The regular mascara would go away with just a face wash. On the other hand, waterproof mascara takes time to remove and has a more complicated removal process.

In this article, we're going to talk about some effective methods you can use to remove mascara in a quick and hassle-free manner. The methods we outline below just require few minutes of your time each night to remove the mascara from your lashes.


Some of the methods we outline below require the use of potentially harmful substances that can actually hamper your eyes if you don't pay attention and do it carefully. One such method is the use of petroleum jelly or baby oil to remove mascara. It's an effective method and allows you to remove all mascara within just a couple of minutes.

But you have to make sure that you don't perform the removal in haste. If the jelly touches your eyes, you may have a temporal vision problem. You'll experience a refractive error for about 1 - 2 hours. In that case, we strongly recommend washing your face thoroughly with water.

The same can be said to be true for the other methods we mention below. If you find that your vision is distorted or you can't see clearly, it's because the substance(s) entered your eyes and are causing a refractive issue. Most of these substances are safe and don't have a damaging effect.

Just make sure that you rinse your eyes thoroughly with water, close your eyes and lay low for a while. The substance being a foreign body will be ejected from your eyes automatically in a while.

If you find that the problem persists, we recommend applying eye drops as recommended by a doctor or consult your doctor directly.

With that said, here are some of the most effective methods to remove mascara in a couple of minutes everyday...

1. Mascara Removal Kit

There are many companies that sell mascara removal kits. These kits can be found for under $20 and will serve you for at least 1-2 weeks. These kits are ideal because the substances used are 100% safe and cause minimal refraction issues to your eyes.

The substances found in these kits are chemically treated and diluted heavily to ensure that they don't hamper your eyes. Most of these kits consist of a mascara removal cream.

Here's how to use a mascara removal kit to remove mascara...

  • Take a cotton ball or a makeup wipe and apply a bit of mascara remover

  • Close your eyes and carefully wipe the mascara with the wipe or the cotton ball

  • Make sure that you do it in a slow manner as doing it harshly can pull out your lashes

  • Keep doing it until no smudge is left on the cotton ball or wipe

  • Splash water on your face and apply an eye cream

2. Baby oil or petroleum jelly

You don't have to necessarily purchase a mascara removal kit in order to remove your mascara. You can also have it removed using baby oil or petroleum jelly. The procedure is almost similar. But make sure that you exercise precaution while wiping with the jelly.

The jelly can hamper your sight and cause temporary refraction issues. It will cause you to blink rapidly which could actually deteriorate your eyesight (if you don't wash your eyes thoroughly and take rest for a while).

Here's how to remove mascara using baby oil or petroleum jelly...

  • Keep a couple of cotton balls or make up wipe ready to use. Cotton balls are best for petroleum jelly

  • Dab a little of the jelly on the cotton ball, close your eyes and wipe the mascara slowly

  • Petroleum jelly can easily pull out your lashes. So make sure that you wipe it as slowly as possible

  • Keep repeating the process until all the mascara is removed from your eyes

  • Rinse your eyes thoroughly with water and lay low for a while if you have any refraction related issues

3. Using Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

Olive oil or coconut oil can also be used to remove mascara. Olive oil is recommended by experts because the refractive errors caused are minimal when compared to petroleum jelly.

Coconut oil can be quite effective and can actually soothe your eyes. But again, too much coconut oil can seriously cause refraction issues in your eyes.

Make sure that you apply it slowly. The method for removing mascara using coconut oil or olive oil is pretty much the same.

Here's how...

  • Wash your face thoroughly with water and clear your eyelids of any dust residue. This is absolutely critical before you can use olive oil or coconut oil to clear the mascara. It has to be dust free.

  • Use a cotton ball, dab it in a bit of olive oil or cotton oil and wipe the mascara by pressing it on your eye lashes.

  • Wipe it as slowly as possible. Make sure that you squeeze of excess oil from the cotton ball before pressing it on your lashes.

  • Wipe again and again with multiple balls until no smudge comes out.

  • Wash your face with fresh water and apply eye cream or drops if necessary


There are chances of complications with the above mentioned methods especially if you are allergic to some substances (very rare). In that case, we strongly recommend that you consult your eye doctor.


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