7 Reasons Why Some Hang Tags Are Better Than Others

Clothing and consumer product companies can benefit a lot from using hang tags in terms of advertising as these materials don’t only serve as product info displays but also help boost customer’s emotional attachment to products through good design, impressive brand identity, and individuality. This is the perfect material retailers can use to forge a personal connection with their customers, which can later translate into long-term relationships.

At first glance, hang tags look easy to create. Just throw in together your contact details, some graphics, and a sprinkle of colors and, presto, you got yourself a hang tag. However, an impressive and effective hand tag takes more than a combination of texts, images, and colors. There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration if a hang tag is to be captivating, effective, and memorable. Why do you think some hang tags are better than others? There are several ways to answer this question, but all of them will pretty much end up in the following reasons:

  1. The designers were able to incorporate the right images without cluttering the design. The simplicity of the hang tag was maintained while still allowing it to effectively attract attention, tell a story, and convey a brand image.
  2. There’s a good harmony between graphics and copy. There’s a detailed product specs in front or at the back that will help differentiate the product from the others.  
  3. The designer made the hang tag a visual project that doesn’t only scream the uniqueness of the product but reinforces its brand identity as well.
  4. Both sides are bursting with attention-grabbing art. There’s no boring side—both are fun, artistic, and gripping.
  5. Each hang tag is designed with the customers in mind. Their needs, personality, and desires were considered in the design process.
  6. The favorite hang tag pieces were personalized so customers feel that they are dealing with real and eco-conscious businesses.
  7. There’s added value integrated on each hang tag that can come in the form of discount coupons, gift certificates, redeemable special offers, and many others.  

Hang tags may be a traditional marketing piece but they do one thing that no other marketing tool can do: they promote your product personally. Customers are not left to imagine what the actual product looks and feels like as they are able to see and touch the product right there and then.


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