How does social engagement impact on CRM?

Customers are number one

Customer loyalty should be a passion for companies, but it so often isn’t, which is a shame when you consider customers really are the lifeblood of a business.  It doesn’t matter how good your product or service, if your CRM stinks, then you will never develop the full potential of your company.

Staff working on social media projects

One way to develop CRM is to allocate employees specifically to social networking expansion, including the Facebook and Twitter accounts, and writing blogs professionally.  Building a brand which will last for years is a result of good CRM, and engaging customers this way can be a cost effective means of speeding up the process. 

Tune into what customers like to talk about

Writing online about the kind of topics which make your customers tick is going to have long term positive effects on your online CRM.  It is a skill to avoid directly and shamelessly advertising products and services and yet manage to include them in the subjects you use to engage customers, but it can be done. 

Setting up threads on social networking forums about fashion, food, do it yourself, music, celebrities, children, charity work, education and other topics of interest can indirectly lead to more interest in your products or services, but it has to strike a balance between the kind of self-promotion people instantly spot, and having something useful to say.

Developing positive dialogue

Social networking gives your customers the opportunity to communicate with you in all kinds of different ways, and it’s a pity to lose out on the potential by not being ready to embrace new developments in social media.  Even if it sticks in your throat to ‘tweet’ or ‘post’, the fact is that this is what customers like to do, and since CRM is customer oriented, businesses do need to follow the crowds.

Maintaining high standards

There is no reason why customers should not expect the same level of service on social networking sites from your business, as they would get via email, telephone, online chatting on your website and so on.  They will appreciate the opportunity to share their thoughts and give honest feedback on what your business is doing, or could be doing, for them.  This might not always be pretty to hear, but from an online CRM point of view provides priceless data on which to base future improvements in customer service and marketing.

 Initiative can be good for business

One of the things customers appreciate when dealing with businesses through social networking is the lack of a script based response, which can drive customers mad when dealing with call centers.  They get to see the more human persona of the business. When staff are given more freedom to communicate in social media channels, they can drive customer service to the kind of happy places it has never been before.  Online CRM can really flourish when every customer is given a unique experience and social networking is the ideal platform for this to happen. For more information visit the official webCRM Blog


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