5 Tips To Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Successful

Email campaigns not quite effect as you imagined?

So you have a long list of people subscribed to get your updates in their inbox, but you're not getting the open and click rates you expected? How can you combat the common problem of having your company's emails ignored, or worse deleted? This article will give you five top tips to help you maximise the success of your email campaigns, revolving around a host of different approaches to suit every type of business.

Tip One
Do your homework!

A simple rule of all business is to do your research properly. Get last year's email campaign's stats and figures and go through them. Look at any spikes in opens, clicks, complaints and unsubscribes. Figure out what caused the positive customer responses and incorporate that into this year's campaign. The key to a successful strategy is to learn from last year's successes and failures.

Another simple thing that is sometimes overlooked in a rushed creation process is to double check all your features are actually working! Check all links go to the pages they're meant to, avoid broken images and make sure tags are correct.

Keep subject lines unique, clever or funny. Stand out from the flood of newsletters, mention your special offers and discounts.

Always remember your call-to-action. Keep it simple, don't overwhelm your viewer. Include a text version as well as an image, simply because your image may not display to some people.

Tip Two
Make the landing page significant

Once you've persuaded a customer to click through to your website, you need to ensure they are landing on a relevant page. Your ultimate goal is to make that sale. For instance, if you are a surf school that has enticed customers in with a special rate for a set date, you want the landing page to be on your tour booking system, not a guide to the local beach. If customers have to go looking for the deal they clicked on, you'll lose them.

Tip Three
Tailor to the time of year

Christmas coming up? Easter about to arrive? Spring Break kicking off? Perfect time to sell, sell, sell! Tailor your marketing emails to match the season. Think of your campaign as your online version of a window display. A lot of companies introduce a special '12 Days of Christmas' campaign. When promoting these, always give the customer fair warning of an increase in the sending schedule and allow them to opt out (without leaving your normal newsletters).

Tip Four
Different strokes for different folks

Different customers have different spending habits and interests. You may have a loyal following of customers that purchase often from your emails. You may have a number of people that look through many items but abandon their carts. These two segments of your client base have different needs and shouldn't receive the same messages. Split your clients into groups to target and encourage their spending. For the reluctant buyers, offer coupons and discounts to maximise their sales. These aren't needed to the same degree for those loyal customers who spend freely anyway.

Tip Five
Multiple channels to advertise

In this modern age you probably have a Facebook, a Twitter, a newsletter list and a text mailing list. Combine all your various media available to remind customers to purchase with you and why it benefits them. Email, social media, mobile, online, in-store displays and print ads all add up to an incredible impression of a company. Always remain consistent in your offers and your messages. Make sure specials, prices and dates are consistent!


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