Don't Make These 3 Social Media 'Fails' When Growing Your Business

So, you know you should 'be engaging', 'post regularly' and 'get more fans' but is the time and money invested in social media marketing really paying off? Are you doing everything right but not getting the results you expected?

Maybe you're committing one of these epic fails when it comes to your social media marketing.

Social Media ROI Fail N01

One mistake I see so many business owners make is taking 'don't always be promoting' too far. Yes, cute animals get responses. Yes, everyone loves to look good by sharing a thought provoking quote. Yes, memes travel far and wide.

I've got one question for you. Are they building your brand? Just because you aren't promoting your products or services continually doesn't mean they shouldn't be growing brand awareness and shaping brand identity.

When sharing a quote add your own thoughts to tie it to your brand. Share articles from people who are in your industry, again add a comment with your thoughts. Create images based on popular memes and add your logo

If you share pics, memes or infographics; check they are relevant rather than simply popular

Social Media ROI Fail N02

Number 2 on the list is not providing enough information.

I know I'm stating the obvious here but if your customers can't find you, don't have enough information about your offering and can't navigate through your payment procedure; the time and money you are putting into getting more fans on your page and engaging them with your content is going to waste.

Do you have your Facebook fan page link on your personal profile? Do you post photos or information about products and actually tell people how to purchase?

How many steps does it take to buy a product from you? Did you know one of the biggest reasons people get to the checkout and change their mind is because they are forced to register?

Do you hold back from promoting scared of seeming pushy? People don't see every post you make and even if they do they may need reminding of it later on.

Social Media ROI Fail N03

The third and final fail is doing what everyone else is doing because everyone else is doing it. When you are trying to figure it all out and someone seems to be doing it right it's easy to follow suit. The problem is, are they really doing what works?

Sure, things look great from the outside looking in but are their efforts really creating profit for their business or simply draining their time.If their efforts are creating profit for their business is it the things that you can see, or is it the behind the scenes things that you don't see that are making the difference.

You can't get a full picture of the results a business is getting unless you have all the information. Maybe they are benefiting from great PR, solo ads in other peoples newsletters or something else.T

The three step plan to marketing decisions: Try it Test it Tweak it. It's the only way you will ever know what works for you.

One Final Word:At the end of the day. Don't get blinded with science.

There are plenty of people out there banding about fancy words that make themselves look good but do you know favours. I could talk all day about edgerank, pagerank, SEO, PPC etc but when I've finished all it does is leave you more confused than you already were.

You know that marketing, regardless of the tools you use, is delivering a clear message to a receptive audience informing them of the value your products/services add to their lives and how they can get hold of it.

Always keep this in mind whatever tools, stats or trends come and go. It's business as usual

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