Top 5 Metrics to measure your Social Media Buzz
There are a lot of ways to evaluate the social media buzz of today’s topics, brands, companies, events as well as personalities. From small companies to large corporations, these businesses think that social media is the best way to get in touch with their target audience but does not really affect sales.
Let’s make iPhone5 as an example. This newest phone from one of the most popular gadget companies Apple is now the most trending mobile device but not all can pay for it or is in favor of it. It's what we contact virtually useless for the company.
These are the 5 best Metrics to measure your Social Media according to Social Media Marketing Arizona that's been following the latest trends in social media and their importance.
Social Listening. Social listening also known as Social Monitoring is the method of brand monitoring in all social channels. It assists business/companies determine what is popular and what the most recent in their respected market is. It also recognizes the positive and negative reaction of the audiences.
Audience Metrics. These metrics show the amount of YouTube Subscribers, Facebook Page Fans or Likes; Twitter Followers; Google Circlers; YouTube Subscribers; and Pinterest Followers of each company.
Social Media Currency. Also known as Engagement Metrics, it's the deeper comprehension of all the various types of engagement and the significance of interacting. It measures the activities on fan pages for instance Combination of a company’s Facebook comments, likes, People Talking About (PTA), shares and clicks. Mix of a company’s Twitter mentions, Re-tweets, replies and clicks. Combination of a company’s Google shares, 1s and comment. Combination of a company’s YouTube channel’s comment, views, clicks, shares and ratings. Combination of a company’s Pinterest repins, comments, and likes.
Video Metrics. You will find a lot of tools right now that are used to measure social media buzz. One of the most effective tools is Video. The recent US Election Social media buzz has been measured as well. They measured Barack Obama and John McCain's Video feature in Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and others. They measured the number of views, number of clicks, Social media shares and mentions and each has their respective point value. And Obama won not only in the elections but as well as most analytic surveys and social media buzz.
Social Graph and Overall Exposure Metric. Social Graph is the connections between your audience, the company/product/brand and the community. Overall Exposure Metrics is the overall size of a company/product/brand’s community coupled with their main audiences. This shows the value of reaching to target audiences in your social media sites.
You will find several sites in tracking Social media Buzz, and the top 3 are:
Trends Buzz - This site Tracks buzz in real time POS system.
Google Trends This shows the amount of searches and Google news stories.
Trendpedia - This site creates charts showing the volume of discussion around multiple topics.
These are the other Metrics to measure your Social Media Buzz:
Additional Key Phrases
Customer Service
Content Performance
Just about all companies make use of social media nowadays and we ought to be aware of what is going on not merely in our company or brand but we should also know what is trending not only to our target audience, but to the greater community. Measuring them isn't just for monitoring purposes, but for making sure that what you do, post, interactions are not squandered.

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