Windows Server Hosting Provider Uses Premium Rated Data Center

A Windows Server hosting service provider uses premium rated data center facilities that make use of the best advancements in cloud computing technology. Hosting a Windows dedicated server software or an application in such a cloud based data center facility offers multitude of advantages to the users. A Windows Server on cloud provider uses tier four grade data center facilities, that is, those data center facilities that offer one hundred percent uptime guarantee.

A dedicated Windows Server hosting service provider provisions extreme reliability and enhanced data security in its Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 Type II (also known as SAS No. 70 Type II) compliant or Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE No. 16) compliant data center facility. An efficient cloud hosting solution vendor offers best network speeds by using state of the art fiber optic cabling system.

An adept hosting solution vendor totally maintains its fiber optic cabling system by the means of the certified expert maintenance personnel. An efficient Microsoft Windows Server hosting service provider takes care of the problems such as the bends, dust, and the other optical distractions concerning the fiber cabling system by following a regular fiber cabling system maintenance schedule, and hence, ensures almost one hundred percent uptime along with super fast networking speeds to its highly respected customers.

A cloud hosting solution vendor meets the stringent requirements of the higher speed protocols and it also examines all of the critical reasons regarding low speed of the fiber cabling designs if it is really slow. To improve speed an application hosting solution vendor introduces the best available redesign considerations and investigates how an improperly maintained plant can be upgraded with the currently possible higher speed network protocols.

A Windows Server host, as an application hosting solution vendor, uses the real world experiences which it has drawn from its experienced field experts in the field of storage area network or the SAN troubleshooting. A Windows Server provider makes use of the recommended physical layer best practices which are quite necessary in the designing and the maintenance of the fiber cabling system in order to tackle whatever comes as a problem in the technology highway.

A Windows Server hosting service provider allows simultaneous, anytime accessibility for multiple users. Users of an adept and experienced Microsoft Windows Server hosting vendor can from any place access the hosted Windows Server software via the help of the Internet. Thus, application hosting is really good for your business.

With cloud computing solution for Microsoft Windows Server, small or medium size businesses or SMBs get fully fledged twenty four by seven support services. Twenty four by seven remote desktop assistance, round the clock electronic mail service, twenty four by seven live chat service, twenty four by seven toll free phone service, immediate assistance at anytime and from anywhere via the help of the Internet connected devices such as a desktop or a laptop or a web connected mobile gadget, etc. are few of the salient features offered by an application service provider that hosts Windows Server on cloud.


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