How can QuickBooks add-ons and Hosting Services Help Us

Running a business is not something everyone can do; it’s definitely a challenging thing. There is a joke that goes like- I am into business because I don’t like sleeping at night, I don’t have to spend time with my family, I like to worry about multiple things at a time and so on.

Well it’s time to stop complaining about the problem and start looking for the solution. In your daily life you must have come across a very common line i.e. technology simplifying work. Everyday new tool comes up with new feature and help user to simplify their job. The technology which can simplify your business life is Cloud Computing and the tools that you can use are business applications like QuickBooks accounting software, ACT CRM software, Drake tax software, etc.

In this post we will discuss three things:-

  1. QuickBooks accounting software
  2. QuickBooks add-ons
  3. QuickBooks add-on on cloud

QuickBooks accounting software as the name implies is used to simplify accountancy and related tasks. This software is not only for accountants it is widely used by small and medium sized business owners to accomplish their accounting cores in simplified manner. SMBs usually use it with cloud computing services. The reason is explained at the end of post.

I am sure that accounting is not the only business department which needs to be simplified there are many more. I am picking some of them which can be aided by use of QuickBooks add-ons.

  1. Fishbowl Inventory Software
  2. Sourcelink Document Management
  3. eBridge Software

All these add-ons can be easily integrated with QuickBooks accounting software. Fishbowl inventory is for inventory management. It helps us to streamline our inventory in a sophisticated way and minimize the risk of flaws. This helps user to stay informed about every stock available, sold and in transit. The stock can be anything from raw material, incomplete product or finished items.

Different companies have different inventory requirements; some of them have a regular uniform product demand while others have seasonal demand, Fishbowl software works appropriately for both types of systems and it is also compatible with different kinds of stock movements. It also keeps track of dead or inactive items.

Sourcelink software is for proper document management. Many times companies loose business due to improper handling of documents. If your office and cupboards are full of papers and files then there are huge chances of time loss over document search and management. Sourcelink allows you to store all your data at a centralized location so that you can easily find what you want without spending hours in search of it. It helps you to present yourself more professionally. eBridge is the one connecting all the departments so that they can work in sync with each other.

Hosted QuickBooks add-ons is a way to use these applications with ease and comfort. QuickBooks add-on on cloud allows user to access data from anyplace without any time restriction. Data security becomes the responsibility of hosting vendor. Reliable rolling data backup for thirty days also comes with cloud services.


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