Latest Update Of Voice Recognition Software For The Medical Field

Many medical professionals are reaping the benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition--dictation software. However, for those who are currently using an old version of the software, a new version is available, which provides even greater accuracy, speed and efficiency.

The latest version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition is version 11 and it's providing even more tools for the medical field. The latest update combines improvements on several levels and adds options and settings that are brand new to the software. To learn more about the improvements, consider these specifications:

-Version 11 is 15% more accurate than the last version. That means medical professionals don't have to worry about the software recording the correct speech. Increased accuracy leads to fewer corrections and less hassle on the part of the user. Voice recognition software is all about accuracy.

-Corrections can be made by the voice or by the finger. Version 11 allows both types of corrections--using the keyboard to manually correct or edit text or using speech to make the necessary corrections. Integrating this dual correction system provides more fluidity and functionality for the medical professional. Whichever correction process the professional is comfortable with, that is the process they can select.

-Advanced filtration of pauses and transitional phrases such as "um" and "ah" to keep text clean and neat. Everyone uses transitional phrases when they speak and now Dragon adjusts to omit these phrases and create text the way you want it. This type of filtration makes voice recognition truly smart and innovative.

-With smart options, the software recognizes hardware resources you have and recommends integration processes for those resources. Whether a digital microphone or smartphone is used with the software, the integration is smooth and effortless with version 11.

-The speed of recognition continues to increase and with version 11 the speed peaks at the highest level. As the user speaks, text is created at the same rate of speed as the speech. Little to no lag occurs between the creation of text and the rate of speech. Medical professionals need to speak fast and record even faster and now they can.

-Software interface is restructured for increased use and fluidity between options and controls. Medical professionals want a software that is easy to use and unique to them and now the experience offered by version 11 is perfect for the medical field. Navigation is easier and each control and command is intuitive for the user.

The latest version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition has everything medical professionals need for documentation. With improved accuracy, increased speed and smarter options, version 11 offers the best experience -


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