Solutions For The Everyday Computer User

Using a keyboard and mouse to interact with a computer is only one way the user can interact. The newest and latest way to interact with a computer is through the use of speech. Yes, computer users can now interact with their computer just using speech, which is much faster than typing on most occasions.

Why would a computer user want to use voice recognition technology? Well, it allows the user to complete everyday tasks on the computer in a new and interesting way. Instead of typing an email, the user can transcribe an email with the use of a microphone.

The user doesn't have to sit at a desk or table to type a document or surf the web, instead they can be walking around the room or be several feet away from the computer as they transcribe documents and information. This completely changes the way computer users interact with and use their computers.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 is this new type of interaction. NaturallySpeaking was created to interact with other programs and software on a computer so the user can get the most use out of their computing experience.

Typical software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others are compatible with NaturallySpeaking, making this software universal in its approach to computing. Whether the user is a professional creating a spreadsheet for work or a student writing a paper, everything can be accomplished with the use of speech.

Since speech is the most important component, Premium 12 is 20% more accurate than the last version. Computer users can transcribe more information and not have to make as many corrections because the software is smart and intuitive. Not only is version 12 more accurate, but it provides the necessary correction and edit options that computer users need. Whether the user wants to make corrects by speech or by keyboard, the options are available to make edits as simple as possible.

Tutorials are available on the software so users can learn more about the software and how it can change their experience. After a few tutorial sessions, the user will be up and running like never before. These tutorials are designed to teach the user the options and commands and provide more functionality.

Don't be controlled by your keyboard or mouse, instead free yourself by interacting with your computer in a new and refreshing way. Speak and let your computer react to your voice. Once you start using voice recognition software, you will never want to return to anything else.

Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and interact with a computer in a new way. Spend less time typing and more time speaking, and save time on computer related tasks. Learn more about Dragon NaturallySpeaking at


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