Software Just For Mac Users

Apple has grown in popularity over the past decade since the release of new computers--Macs and Macbooks--and the release of the iPhone and iPad. With popularity so high, other software must be developed to fit the new and unique operating system of Macs, so more people can use the same great software, but on the unit of their choice. Most third party software was developed for Microsoft Windows, but now it's being developed for Mac use.

One specific third-party software is Dragon Dictate 3, which is developed for Mac products, integrates the use of voice recognition technology just as Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 is developed for Windows computers.

This software allows the everyday user to dictate commands on the computer and interact with the software like never before. Voice recognition has grown in power and ability within the last few years and is now helping computer users, of Mac and PC, use their computer in new and unique ways.

Let's take a look at how Dragon Dictate 3 allows Mac users to use their computer in a new way:

-Use applications and programs on the computer with your voice. Consider the documents or spreadsheet you use daily and consider interacting with them with just your voice and not your keyboard. It reduces the need to type and allows the user to speak naturally and create or edit files.

-Browse files on the computer just by speaking. Turn the computer on and start interacting with the computer with your voice and get tasks done at a faster rate. You can even walk around the room you're in and speak to the computer. This is useful for office and home settings when you are searching for something in the room or reading something from across the room.

-Use other Apple products to interact with Dragon Dictate. Record information on the go or in another room and simply connect the device and share the recording. Dragon Dictate 3 actually transcribes the recording after you upload it to computer for easy use and sharing ability.

-Tutorials available on the software to help you interact and use Dragon Dictate 3 in ways you didn't know. Click a tutorial in the help menu and learn new ways to use voice recognition software to make your life easier and more simple.

-Bluetooth integration to make the software more compatible with other devices for easy use with the electronics you own. Record, save, transcribe, and share all in one.

Use Dragon Dictate 3 with Mac computers and start experiencing computer interaction in a new and fun way. Be more efficient in your computer related tasks as you speak commands and actions rather than typing. Dragon Dictate 3 is available at


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