Can You Get a Student Loan with a Bad Credit Score

A student loan is a type of financial plan that is able to help a student progress further with their desire to continue in education, such as going to college. In general, the student loans are targeted at those that are more likely to be debt free, which means that they come with very attractive and low interest rates so that the sum can be repaid with more ease.

A loan to help a student continue in education is often provided by a private lender or the Federal government. It is also certainly possible to acquire a loan through various schemes offered by the State government. It is often the case that the student loans offered by the Federal government come with a more attractive interest rate, when compared to what might be available from the private companies.

In some situations the Federal loans aren't sufficient to cover the entire cast of a student’s ongoing education; in those situations it will be necessary to take advantage of the private loans, which will be able to help fill any gap in the finances.

Student loans for poor credit

It is often found that a student loan which is tailored for those with poor credit is rarely available; this form of loan is generally aimed at the student, who at a young age is unlikely to have already built up a poor credit history. However, if a student might be in this situation, it might be possible to apply for a sufficient loan if they are able are able to submit an application for a loan jointly with a co-signer, who has a perfect credit rating.

If the co-signer is able to prove a record of excellent credit, then that is often sufficient to make up for any poor credit which might be attached to the student. It is most often the case that it isn’t a possibility to apply for a student loan when a person's credit rating isn't ideal, but in some situations, lenders don't always rely on the FICO rating system to determine there approval or rejection rate.

These companies will often take a broader view of a student’s history in order to establish whether they are able to offer a loan to the applicant. A type of loan that might suit the student with a not so good credit history can include the federal student loans, these are more often than not evaluated on a individual’s basic need for a financial help.

Here is a general overview of the two main sources of student loans -

Federal backed student loans

For the student that has the less than desirable credit history, it will in all likelihood be necessary to look at the Federal student loans for helping to finance their ongoing education. A loan offer is often dependent on student’s individual circumstances, with a choice available to receive either a subsidized or unsubsidized loan to cover the cost of the education related costs.

In some situations where it might be a requirement to offer a need-based loan, such as the Perkins loans or the subsidized Stafford loans, which come with very attractive interest rates and are generally seen as some of the lowest available on the market. A subsidized loan essentially means that the government will foot the bill for the interests that accumulate on the loan throughout the period that the student is continuing their education.

Private company loans

It is also possible in some situations for a student to apply for a loan for their extended period of stay in education via private companies, which are willing to offer the student credit loans. This is often provided that there is a co-signer, which can be a parent or close family member, who has an almost perfect credit rating.

It might be more difficult to apply for a loan with bad credit, but if you are willing to search the market to determine the available options, you should certainly be able to find some private student loans that are available. It is often the case of just contacting several of the private lenders and informing them of your particular circumstances to see if they are able to help with revising a loan for your ongoing education, even though you might have a prior record of their bad credit.

Even if your financial situation isn't all that great, it is often the case that if you take the time to research the different loan options available on the market, you should get to borrow a sufficient sum of money to continue your education. It is generally the government backed loans that are more freely available for those students that are somewhat lacking in regards to having a pristine credit rating. In some cases, some of the federal loans aren't even dependent on having a full credit check completed.


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