Getting Your Mind Right - The Power of Positivity

Everyone has a chance to have either a positive or negative outlook on life, so what have you chosen? Unfortunately, for most of us, we've surrounded ourselves with a mix of people who tend to think negatively, which travels at the speed of light and causes chaos in the minds of those around them.

It's true, you are who you hang around with, even if you don't necessarily do the things they do, right or wrong. I grew up around a lot of people who weren't exactly raised in positive environments, which is why most grew up in a life of gangs, drugs, violence and jail. I wasn't any different, although I found the strength to pull myself out of the negative environment. But I still have a lot of negative thoughts, and my attitude matches at times. This isn't because I was born like this, it's because I was raised around a lot of negative people, including my own family.

I love my family, don't get me wrong. I'm not happy being away from my family, which is why I actually moved to a different state. But they are negative "by nature," because they were raised by people who were also negative. Anything from not believing in themselves to having a negative outlook on the future. It's sad and I intend on doing everything I can to become as positive as I can.

As a matter of fact, I remember when I first watched "The Secret" back in 2006. I paid around $5 to watch it online, and then I bought the DVD when they were finally released. That movie had changed my life at the time. I was in a dark, depressing stage of my life. I had developed some pretty bad anxiety issues and then, about 6 months later, I started getting issues in my stomach, which led my doctor to believe I could have "something bad" going on. In fact, while my Uncle was dying of Lung Cancer, my doctor hinted that it may be similar. Luckily, I was given positive results and weeks later is when I came across "The Secret."

This DVD taught me that I didn't need to look at things so negatively all of the time. It was the reason I had become haunted by anxiety and depression. It was the reason I've battled myself with smoking and drinking, too. I started watching that video every night before I went to bed for many weeks and I started to realize that I would wake up feeling better about things. Was it the DVD? No, not really. It was the message that I chose to see in that DVD. The same message that those who have negative attitudes missed, all because they told themselves it was a hoax. They'll always tell themselves this, because they're negative. I somehow found the strength to see it as more. I knew there was something about that video that was real. 

The message was pretty simple. If you believe it, you can achieve it. That's the principle behind the entire film, the entire movement. Yes, they're making tens of millions off of a message that was a few words long, spoken by many others centuries before them. 

Your mindset is what you choose to think. If you believe that tomorrow is going to be bad, you're going to wake up the next morning with negative thoughts about that day. If you believe you can't make a shot, you will miss that shot. If you believe that you will not get that job, there's a chance that you will, unknowingly, undermind your chances of getting that job.

After I started realizing what this all meant, I noticed how my life got better. I lost weight that I had gained, I started making more money and my love life had went from disaster to great, all within about an 8 month span. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it was due to this DVD. It was because I challenged myself to stop thinking negatively and to start loving, living and reminding myself how great this life is. I told myself I could do all of those things I once told myself I couldn't do. I still have negative thoughts. In fact, I had some issues that caused me to start doubting everything I once believed in. I fell back into a hole that I have slowly had to climb out of, but I don't feel that I'm 100% there. 

There's still room to grow and I have to remind myself that "I can." As babies we were not worried about anything, including falling or getting hurt. But as adults we've become scared of not being able to get up or getting over that pain. 

Push yourself. Write notes on your mirror if you need to. You can either live a life of negative thoughts or you can slowly work your way to where you want to be.

Do you really think that every successful person in the world is a negative person? Of course not. They all believe in themselves and they believed in their dreams. They made those dreams happen because they didn't just say they believed in them... they really did believe in them. This is something you'll have to work on, but once you realize the power of your brain, I promise you that your mindset will enable you to do so much more in your life.

Trust yourself and teach your "gut feeling" to be more positive. You really can do anything you want to do in life, as long as you develop that powerful mindset. Remove yourself from those negative thinkers and become friends with those who are willing to push themselves (and you) to get to the dreams they've always desired.


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