Are Steroids Safe?

There are a couple of ways you can take steroids either by tablets or injection. Whichever way you do take the product you have to be sure not to overdo it. Steroids can be safe if you do not go over the limit in using them. There have been cases where people do get addicted to the substance which sometimes can cause a person to overdose. Body builders are the main people who will use steroids and this is because they want to build of their muscles and most of them enter contests to be in showing off how big their muscles have gotten.

There are some important issues that people need to know before taking any form of steroids and that is that they can cause health problems. Some of them being growth problems, hormone imbalance and degeneration of the marrow, in saying that in recent studies anabolic steroids have been known to show a promise with assisting in preventing bone loss. Most people are not aware that if they do not acquaint themselves with the options they have with certain steroids they can have side effects this is why if you choose to take a steroid you will need to be on a cycle for it.

If your choice of steroid is with being injected then always make sure the needle is sterile and clean. If you do not know how to do this then consult your family doctor and they will show you how and explain more in detail why this is highly important. When taking pills always be sure to take the required dosage that is prescribed to you by your physician or your fitness constructor. In some cases, you will only need to take these on a steroid cycle which means daily use but only for several weeks. After that you need not take them no more. This can help in you not getting the addiction and the side effects from the steroid.

It is a known fact that has been recognized that with the side effects of steroids are more serious when a person doesn’t use the product safely. It is however highly recommended by any medical expert that you have a checkup done and a valuation so that it can be prescribed on what form of steroid you can take. This being done it could help with you not having any side effects just by taking the correct dosage and the right steroid.

Some of the side effects that have been noted by doctors from steroids are being itchy on particular body parts of the area, water retention, lower back pain, and more recurrent urination these are the less non serious forms. The other well-known side effects that are dangerous to your health are hypertension, liver damage, and kidney malfunctions. As everyone knows men and women can take steroids but some of the side effects for a woman can be having the effects of masculinizing which means having hair grow on the facial area and having a pattern of male baldness.


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