How To Use Whey Protein

A common problem with whey protein is deciding when to use it as many people get this wrong and it can make it wasted effort on your behalf. Experts do recommend that you use the protein around 15-20 minutes after you have worked out and not much longer after.

This way the protein can be used to build your muscles whilst your body is still recovering and this is when the protein will be most effective. Before you do use it you need to make sure that the muscles you are working are basically burnt out. You can do this by generally focusing on one are of your body and then working it for a period of time. When they are burning they are searching for protein to build bigger to deal with the excessive work out from before. This is why you should make sure that you use the protein at a maximum of 20 minutes after a workout.

If you are using protein powders then you need to make sure that you use the right amounts of it. It is recommended that you use between 30-40g of the powder so that you have enough to build muscle but you do not have too much whey protein. If you have too much then you do risk gaining weight which can defeat the object when it comes to trying to build your muscles. Although it is recommended that you try to have 3 protein shakes a day so that you can build your muscles effectively.

You should also try working 2 times a day on the same body area so that they are trying to constantly build. So in the morning try working on your lower leg and back muscles then after work do the same routine but as well as this you should make sure that you are still using the whey protein so the muscles you are working are being built up.

You should change what part of the body you are working every day so that you are not risking damaging your muscles. It is recommended that you set up a cycle so you work out 5 days a week and each day you work on a different section of your muscles. Then to build up your muscles you should gradually increase the intensity of your workout which can be done by increasing the weight you are lifting or maybe increasing the duration of your workout although only slightly.

Protein can come in many forms and obviously you can get it in the form of meat but this can be expensive if you are after the right amount to build your muscles this is why protein supplements like whey protein are used. These supplements are available in different forms and some are popular than others it just depends on your preference.

The most common for is powder which is generally mixed with milk and water which can taste nice as flavoured protein is available. It can also be mixed with ice cream which is becoming increasingly popular. Another source of protein is through the bars that are available. These protein bars are ram packed full of protein and you can eat these after a workout to get the required amount.

Building you muscles can be a long process and you should be patient with it. It is also important not to over work yourself because this can damage your muscles and if done more than once it can cause lasting injuries that nobody wants.

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