Pick your Poison: The Mother-in-Law or the IRS

There are two separate events that will make a mature, professional, successful adult fall to the floor in a panic-induced temper tantrum in mere seconds. What are those two events? Well, the arrival of a mother-in-law and notice from the IRS of a pending "investigation". Well, your first thought is often to throw yourself on the ground and scream like a sugar-laden four-year old.

Then, after your done, you have to get up and decide how to deal with both these issues. In the case of the visiting in-law you should find something else to do; anything else to do. In the case of an IRS visit you'll want to contact a tax attorney and a tax accountant to figure out where you tax preparation went wrong and how to avoid IRS liens and get some IRS tax relief.

Now that we've broken down basically what needs to be done it is probably time to explore which of these two horrid scenerios is worse. Without tax relief help, a tax accountant, and a good dose of godly intervention the visit from the IRS is leaps and bounds worse. We'll tell you why.

You see, the IRS uses the term "investigation" interchangeably with "give us money". If they were just up front and honest to begin with perhaps the entire process would be far less painful. No one has ever had a interaction with the IRS that has ever ended in anything other than a desire for money to be handed over. Plain and Simple.

There is nothing worse in this world, not even a visit from random family members, than a visit from the IRS because you rarely leave without losing your shirt. The IRS will even offer you some tax relief, or a touch of IRS tax help. This "help" is a thinly veiled attempt to get you to still give them the same amount of money, but just over a long period of time. This type of tax debt relief is just as bad as any other situation.

On the other hand a visit from the mother-in-law is almost certainly disastrous as well. However, there is always that glimmer of hope that the visit will yield some seriously good news; like the fact that she is moving to the Arctic to study ice flow patterns. While it is unlikely such an event would ever happen it isn't completely out of the realm of possibility that a nugget of good news could fly forth from her normally negative mouth.

Those forced to sit in a home with their mother-in-law can also entertain themselves with the thought of what she might say that would make the visit worthwhile. Mention of a previously unknown trust fund, a desire to pay for something expensive, family gossip…Anything.

A visit from the good, ole' in-laws can also be avoided. Sure, they might be in the house, but you can easily find things you simply must do and errands that are a matter of life and death. We, as a population, have the innate ability to stretch any errand out to take up an entire afternoon if there is something even less amusing to do back at home.

Heading to the bank? Sure, you'd like to sit down and discuss your IRA and CD options with a certified banker. That sounds perfect! Asked to attend a friend's child's birthday party? Absolutely, you'll even stay after to clean up the plates and remnants of a piñata. Hell, you'll even bring the cake!

Two of lives worst events can happen, but tax attorneys can help to alleviate the problem and find a way to offer from serious tax relief along the way. The visit from the mother-in-law; well a tax accountant can not help you with that, but he can sympathize too, he suddenly works 200 hours a week when his mother-in-law flies in, too. Maybe you too can make a deal. He'll offer you some relief tax advice while you make his time out of the home while mommy dearest is around justifiable.

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