It's Always A Relaxing Time When You Have Chamomile Tea

It's the end of the day and you want a drink that will make you sleep or chill enough to enjoy the end of the film, so the one to choose is an oriental treasure the "jasmine pearls"! What a find when the usual bags in the cupboard are not appealing to you.

You don't even have to wait for the kettle to boil as this tea is best made just before it clicks off. If it's a hot evening this one can be tasty iced too and a real treat but a bit naughty sweetened with a little drizzle of honey.

Grown in the Fujian region of China it is a green tea - so it's caffeinated and is infused with jasmine flowers so it has a beautiful aroma. Tea is not just about having a warm drink to relax with before bed or after a stressful day at work. The jasmine pearls are a great relaxing detoxifier and packed with antioxidants it is also a very healthy choice.

It is also a quirky, enjoyable tea to watch as the leaves unfurl as they soak and the jasmine pearls are revealed, for best viewing put this one in a glass instead of a cup. It doesn't get any more natural than this. It is also often called dragon phoenix pearls because of the way it curls and infuses before drinking. The orient continues to fascinate and will always feel like a touch of the exotic. The best Chamomile tea comes from brewing the whole flower, natures way to sooth and calm.

Just think that for thousands of years this type of tea was being supped in a paradise with incense sticks glowing and the warm delicate evening stretching before you, with a delicate china cup in hand. Asia definitely has much to explore and give in the stimulation to the senses department.

Moving on from the orient, did you know that Croatia also produce a very beautiful whole flower tea - the Croatian Chamomile bush. It was such an interesting fact to find that Chamomile has many medicinal therapeutic benefits such as an aid to relaxation and sooths anxiety which is a bonus when trying to sleep. Insomniacs beware there may be a lovely cure! If your mind is incessantly turning over and whizzing with unwanted thoughts this is a surprisingly sweet and visually lovely yellow. Stop counting sheep it is naturally caffeine free and less that 1 calorie too!

A handmade candle will rid stress and smell amazing. Some smells invoke lovely forgotten memories and chamomile is one from childhood, becalming sitting on a grandparent's knee with flowers in a vase leaning towards the sun on a summer evening.

Chamomile tea is widely available but the best tasting versions are available from the best tea companies. See what types of herbal teas are available by searching online today.


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