TOGAF and ITIL; A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Both TOGAF and ITIL overlap in many areas of their process development. They are both frameworks which follow a strict process which is supported by ‘best practise’ and is used widely around the world. Both methods use the idea that all processes are tried and tested by many companies over the years in order to ensure the methods function well. TOGAF focuses on enterprise architecture whilst ITIL looks at service management. During the years both methods have changed and adapted and in doing so have reached out to each other’s domain and are thus now intertwined.

In previous years, those individuals who worked for the same organisation but in different departments both used TOGAF 9 and ITIL at the same time but had little opportunity to cross over the framework with one another. However, this has now changed. This changed because both frameworks are focusing on business IT alignment which has caused them to overlap one another. As a result of this there has been a great deal of talk about using both at the same time, or using them together in order to gain the best results possible wherever they can. By doing this, companies have been looking at how both frameworks describe different processes; both ITIL and TOGAF explain processes from different standpoints. This can lead to conflicting opinions due to the different angles of opinions.

They are alike in another way also; they are very vague and unclear methods and therefore call upon intelligent individuals who enjoy using their own initiative and common sense. As a result; both methods encourage communication regarding roles and responsibilities within the team.

Whilst business architecture is addressed by just TOGAF and service management is only focused on by ITIL; they both look at the other elements such as; information architecture, technology architecture and finally the IT solutions. Indeed, both methods differ in the amount of detail they go into. Therefore TOGAF has the ability to provide an organisation with everything they need to build the ideal It solution, whereas ITIL can provide the best service management for the project in order for it to be successful.

The similarities between TOGAF 9 training and ITIL have really enhanced the amount of professionals who are interested in learning the TOGAF principles and processes. This in turn has enhanced the amount of delegates who have decided to take the TOGAF training course. Many companies desire their employees to be trained and qualified in the TOGAF methodology in order to build a company which can survive society and the economic problems which are current in the UK at the moment. Therefore with the use of TOGAF and ITIL anything is possible for any kind of company in the world; no matter the scale or size. 


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