How To Be A Headhunter: Be Irresistible!

Headhunters, or Executive Recruiters have the toughest job of all recruiting positions. Typically, executive recruiters are paid on commission. If they don't make a placement, they don't get paid. They work without pay until a candidate is hired. There's nothing like a little stress to keep activity in high gear. Headhunters are motivated to continually perfect phrases, strategies, and skill sets. The faster they recruit, the bigger their reward. With quality comes quantity.

There's an art to controlling the placement process and it begins with memorizing the steps both candidate and employer go through before closing a deal. Recruiters are expected to make sure placements are made without any designated authority. They must be able to lead without pushing people around. Their power is subtle yet effective. When one knows how to be a headhunter they beocme comfortable with speaking less and listening more.

How do recruiters establish trust and credibility? It's not by boasting or rattling off highlights on their resume. Headhunters break the ice and dive into a conversation by asking intelligent questions. They don't waste time with small talk. They don't have time to spare. The best recruiters keep their focus on meeting the requirements of the candidate and the client employer. When those requirements are met, offers are extended and accepted.

We are sales people on a mission. A great deal is expected of us and in return we also have expectations. Headhunters have the luxury of choosing their clients and candidates. Mess with a recruiter's livelihood and you risk being dumped like a sack of flour.

Speak with authority. Talk slowly and enunciate clearly. "Hi. My name is Paul Bunyon. I'm an Executive Recruiter and I do have an opportunity to discuss with you. Your name has come to me on a confidential basis. Can you talk privately?" Silence. Give your candidate a moment to digest what they've just heard. 99% of the time you'll have their undivided attention or schedule a time when they can talk privately.

Keep asking questions. "In order to make a move and feel like you're taking a step up in your career, what would have to be in place?" Recruiters maintain control with questions. When asked a question, answer briefly and ask a new one. Reveal nothing about your client or the position until the candidate shows they qualify and have a sincere motivation to make a move.

Candidates and clients both want to know the answer to, 'What's In It For Me?' Recruiters who keep asking about motivation will be armed with crucial information when the time comes to negotiate and close the deal. What makes Headhunting more challenging than the average sales position is our 'product' (the candidate) has a mind of her own and this complicates the process. Their needs must be met for the placement to be made. Every placement essentially involves two sales!

The secret to being irresistible is to make it your business to let other people do the talking. Hone your ability to ask questions and your income will rise proportionally. Memorize lots of questions. You'll soon discover most people are disarmed easily once they realize you're genuinely interested in what they have to say about themselves. They rarely get this kind of undivided attention.

As a Headhunter you're expected to be an expert about your chosen industry. Listen carefully to everyone. These folks will refer colleagues and new clients to you. Information is power. Information is the currency of the recruiting trade. To be an irresistible Headhunter, follow the placement process. Ask questions and listen for answers that reveal what will ensure both sides, employer and candidate, 'buy' the deal. As you learn how to be a Headhunter and do your job well both sides will love you and your bonus is a generous fee.

We demystify how to be a Headhunter by dissecting the placement process. Recruiters are consultants with sales skills. The best recruiters are irresistible! They ask engaging ques tions. Focusing on what clients and candidates want empowers them to easily make the right decision. If you want to know how to be a Headhunter, we've got answers.


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