How Do I Know If I'm Gay? A Look at the Spectrum of Sexual Orientation

Assessing your own personality and sexuality is something that gets problematic at times. For instance, stand in front of a mirror and question about your true personality. Just question yourself – am I gay? You will get the answer instantly if you are honest with yourself. Have you ever been involved in a homosexual relationship? Think about it in a serious manner. You are not a kid to not understand the difference between having special feelings towards a girl and a boy. Put yourself under a scanner to find out various qualities of yours.

Are you talking in provocative manner or flirting with boys? Do you have a hidden craving for a specific man? If the answer is yes for both questions, then you don’t need any further assessments. There are no scientific calculations required for you to find out about yourself. You don’t need to play the role of Einstein to get a true picture of yours. Facing your true self is something that requires a lot of guts. Apart from your talking manner, you need to examine the way you react to things and situations. Touching the body of other male colleagues by accident might be normal. Boy! If you do it intentionally, then you are gay!

When exactly have you started having sexual orientation towards male personalities? It must be the same time when you have actually started turning into gay. Also, determine those situations that led you toward exploring the gay side of yours. If you keep observing the male pictures in magazines, then there is something really wrong going on in you than your usual personality. There is no need to ask others about the way you feel because you will be the best person to determine what kind of person you are.

Gay relationships are something that cannot be kept as a secret for long. If you have a person who is so close to you and from whom you can confide, then just go ahead and ask them in a direct manner. There is no reason to panic or be afraid as your best friends are the ones who will understand your personality completely. If you are able to get the reply that you are expecting, then it conveys that you have a sexual orientation towards men. Discuss with the person whom you know very well in order to assess your personality in detail.

Admitting openly that you are a gay requires a lot of courage and determination. The society is getting better and better at accepting those who are honest regarding their personality and relationships. There might be certain replies that could embarrass you but you shouldn’t forget that it is the reality and nobody is perfect. Moreover, observing your actions and pondering about your feelings will give a better picture regarding your sexual orientation. At least, then you will get to know in a confirmed fashion that you are gay.


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