"I'm a Lesbian" - How to Tell Your Parents

Teenage girls often have various issues, and some of them might be quite embarrassing to discuss. One of the toughest situations is revealing your parents that you are a lesbian. C’mon! You are a grown-up and you surely do know exactly what is right or wrong.

Moreover, rarely any parent is still so foolish these days that they won’t try to understand their children. Just wait for the right occasion and timing to start discussing with your parents about the issues in detail. This is needed because they might get into some kind of shock in case you tell them that you are a lesbian out of nowhere.

Discussing certain matters require the right momentum and, most importantly, the right ambience. Venture into a garden along with your parents to discuss sensitive matters so that you could get enough space to breathe in – and to run in case your plan doesn’t work out really well (lol).

You want to feel relief because you don’t have to argue amidst four walls in order to prove your point. You want to enjoy your life and be yourself. However, you need to value the priorities of your parents as well. Making a silly mistake might make you appear like an immature kid.

Explaining the way you feel being a lesbian is one of the ways you can convince your parents. Probably, they will give value to your feelings and priorities. Being in a male dominated society, it seems that it is tad hard to come up with certain aspects. Maintain your cool as nothing unexpected will ever happen.

You have taken the call and it is your responsibility to inform your parents that what actually you are up against. At least, you will be appreciated for your realistic sense and honesty. Think of the consequences from an overall perspective as well.

Never lose your temper while you begin explaining things. There might be times that some parents might overreact. However, you should be able to be in a position to justify your stance. Hiding the facts will only result in the bigger communication gapbetween you and your parents.

Let them know the reasons and the reality behind everything that’s going on around them. Maintaining a perfect body language is always required. You can acknowledge your true intentions through your actions as well. This might let your parents be able to ask you if you are a lesbian.

This will make things easy for you as it will be comforting in accepting rather than revealing. Being in the company of your parents will make you realize what a sweet darling you are. However, the situation will be totally different when you move along with a bevy.

Make your parents observe your actions like moving closely with girls but not in a provocative manner. This will give them enough hints that there is something unusual in your behavior Admit later that you are a lesbian in case you are questioned about the same. 


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