Speeding Tickets and Radar Detectors

A good radar detector can be an excellent way to know of pending danger before it arrives.

However, a radar detector can also be your down fall.

If you are stopped and the officer notices your radar detector, you will be given a ticket. Why?

In the officer's mind, you purchased a radar detector for a specific reason - to speed and avoid getting caught! It shows the cop that you are a repeat offender and you will be treated as such. No one buys a radar detector just because it looks cute on their dash. Usually those who are constantly on the road will use a radar detector, as a kind of insurance. They feel safer with it than without it.

Little do they know that radar detectors virtually eliminate any chance of talking their way out of a ticket. If you have a radar detector, avoid putting it in the middle of the windshield. It can easily be seen. If possible, it would be best to place it as low as possible towards the dash or on the windshield closest to the driver's side door.

This can prevent a cop behind you from seeing it. Also, try putting a piece of black tape on it - to prevent the lights from blinking - a clear indication of someone with a radar detector.

Your best bet is to have a special model (where the antenna is separate from the receiver). The antenna is professionally hooked up under the hood of your car near the grill and the receiver is placed in your dash.

This may cost a little more, but at least it doesn't ruin your chances at trying to avoid a costly speeding ticket.If you think you are about to be pulled over, never try to quickly remove your radar detector and stash it under the seat (many people recommend doing this foolish act). This will only cause suspicion and more than likely the officer has already seen it by now. This will prevent the cop from prematurely deciding to give you a ticket for trying to trick him.

Never take the officer for a chump. Radar detectors are illegal in Virginia, Washington D.C., and large commercial vehicles. Some provinces in Canada too.If you are going to get a radar detector, do it right the first time and spend a couple of hundred bucks.

The more you spend, the better quality your radar detector is.

Unmarked Police Cars.

Being able to identify an unmarked police car will keep you miles ahead of the rest. Knowing what to look for is very important. Most unmarked police cars (AKA vice cars) look like regular police cars, without any lights or writing to signify what they are.

Pay particular attention to late model domestic cars like Ford Crown Victoria's, Chevy Caprices and Ford Taurus's. Some police agencies may also still be using the older Dodge Diplomat. They will be stripped down without any markings, hubcaps or anything else a regular passenger car may have. The trunk will be covered with antennas and more than likely there will be a spotlight on the driver's side door.

There may also be a cage in the back seat (that's when you see the bar partition behind the officer's head). And there will never be any commercial advertising like the place the car was purchased.

So, in reality what you end up with is a full size luxury vehicle without all of the luxury.Try to make a habit at learning the identifying headlights (and taillights) of these cars. At night, that may be all you have to go by.

You can find out more about how to beat speeding tickets.


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