What One Should Look For In A DUI Attorney in Atlanta

Given the plethora of lawyers that focus on DUI, a frequent question folks find themselves asking is, "What makes a particular DUI attorney more desirable than a different one?" How do you recognize that a specific lawyer will do his very best to win your case? A lawyer ought to be planned and strategic, but quick on his or her feet.

In other words, a legal professional should have the ability to decrease their own mistakes while taking advantage of the blunders of others. Let's review a few of these possible mistakes your attorney should stay away from, and contrast them with errors an officer might make that your legal representative can twist to your benefit.

When trying to find a possible lawyer, it will be useful to consider how much experience a attorney has, particularly dealing with DUI's. Not all attorneys operate in the same way, and the same case could have remarkably different outcomes tried by two different legal professionals. An attorney that has more experience has a wide range of knowledge to draw from, and may observe various things that a less experienced legal representative may overlook.

This is why it's frequently valuable to employ a attorney that focuses on DUI cases - they're experts on the subject matter and will be able to provide you far better guidance than a legal professional that is merely capable of trying the case for you.

If you've already tapped the services of a attorney or have one in mind that doesn't focus on DUI's, here are some things that might just make you change your mind.

You don't wish to hire an attorney that tries to depict the policeman as a liar-- this tactic rarely works out in a client's favor in DUI cases. It's a lot more probable that a law enforcement agent merely made a mistake rather than is downright lying.

If your attorney assesses your case and promptly recommends that you plead guilty, you might wish to get a second opinion from a legal representative that focuses on DUI's. You're paying good money out of pocket for your lawyer, and one with more experience with DUI's would most certainly check out the scene where the sobriety evaluation was issued to ensure that they were carried out under appropriate conditions. These kinds of evaluations are supposed to be performed in a very specific way and a lot of times they are carried out incorrectly.

On the other side of things, there are often mistakes made by policemen that your lawyer should attempt to sway in your favor. For instance, before a law enforcer even pulls you over, they need to have probable cause and they should explain this to you when they pull you over. When conducting field sobriety assessments, they can not make you walk in a straight line if it's wet out, orif the area where you are intended to walk isn't actually level.

Additionally, the standing up on one leg assessment can not be administered to anyone over sixty-five years old, and if you're fifty lbs overweight or have a medical condition that might prevent you fromstanding on one leg under reasonable conditions, the evaluation can not be administered, either. If a policeman detains you for an unreasonable amount of time, then it's a mistake on their behalf and should be something your legal counsel capitalizes on in pursuit of winning your case.

These types of simple oversights can have very big impacts on your case, and can cause the submitted evidence being suppressed or the case being dismissed completely. Keep these things in mind when deciding on a legal professional for your DUI case.

Jim Cooke is a retired law enforcement agent and is now a professional consultant to lawyers and the general public concerning police procedure. Find out more information about an atlanta dui lawyer or get help with dui


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