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In this article I am going to explain how to properly use to your advantage - so that you can get the absolute best results possible from your Article Marketing efforts. If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask them in the comment section below and I will definitely answer all that I feel are relevant to this article!

What is

We don't consider ourselves an "article directory," as we feel that term is used for boring, stagnant old architecture that's used to create "content farms" simply to earn money from ads. We feel that we're doing everything we can to go above and beyond those types of sites by creating a true platform for Businesses and Entrepreneurs, as well as a community behind it all. It's not just about giving people the opportunity to create articles for links. That's for people who don't have a clue.

We do encourage Article Marketing, but we have an entirely different philosophy behind it. Most people believe that they have to advertise their business in their articles, but we not only disapprove these articles, we do our best to educate those people about why it's the wrong way.

Why is Article Marketing good for my Business?

Gone are the days that you could create a ton of spun articles and get a lot of link juice from the Dinosaur "article directories," thankfully. Today we're pushing for a new take on Article Marketing. 

First, let's discuss the term "Article Marketing." In the past people were told they could create content of any type and get traffic to their site...and it worked! People could get TONS of traffic to their site just by creating articles. But, there was a serious problem in this approach...

Traffic does not equal sales. In fact, the traffic most of those articles were getting was garbage traffic. They were people who were fooled into clicking links. These article directories actually encouraged (and still do) to use Author Bio Boxes to post links into and to sell it as a part of the article.

That's just wrong. It's decietful and a waste of your efforts.

Our vision of Article Marketing is simple: Provide Value to your readers and you will reap the rewards.

Sure, it may not get you thousands of new visitors overnight, but that's not what you should be working for. You should be working on super-targeted prospects or leads. These people should want to learn more about what you have to say. This is just like building a following on Twitter or Facebook...or any other site. You're creating Authority and you're becoming someone that these people can look up to and believe in. They'll trust you.

Providing Value is what we HIGHLY encourage

When you write an article it should not be about selling your company. If you happen to mention your company, that's fine. But do your best to discuss topics that you would normally do when trying to build a rapport with new clients. 

Even if you're simply a blogger - write about topics that you would normally write about, without trying to simply push people to your site, because when you PUSH people, they'll push the back button. Get it? Hey, I thought it was funny.

Your ultimate goal in Article Marketing is giving an answer to a question and a solution to their problem. It's Human nature to seek solutions to their problems, and when you become a part of the solution, your competition has a new problem!

Becoming an Authority

Our vision of is to give Business Owners and Entrepreneurs a platform that they can use to publish high quality content that gives their readers the information they're looking for. By doing this it allows the Business owner or Entrepreneur a way to build more long-term Business opportunities. The content will be around for a long time and people will find this content quickly and easily.

By taking the effort to help people, you're going to reap the rewards of such. This is much like Robert Cialdini wrote about in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (not an affiliate link!). 

Imagine if you had a problem with your car and someone had come up to not only help, but fix your car for no charge? You'd be pretty happy, right? What if he handed you a Business card to his Auto Shop afterwards? Would you be more trustworthy of this guy and take your car to his shop? Most people would, because that's human nature.

That's what we're pushing for at Galoor. We're trying to find those Businesses that are looking to help and get Business in return. Building relationships through content, without pushing for a sale!

Building Content that brings in Business

While most people are going all in on finding "killer keywords" that bring in tons of traffic, we want to urge our members to do one thing: Write about the biggest problems your customers usually face. If you're a plumber, why not give away some tips to save hundreds of dollars by using [x product]?

You may be thinking "Why would I give away tips that would cost me business!?" answer is: because you WON'T lose business. You'll be gaining Business. You're going to find that many people will still not want to go purchase that product and would rather have you come in and do it for the low price of: all the money you tried to save them!

It's true, people are lazy and we can all agree on that. While most people will take that tip and walk away, you will still find more money from clients who would rather pay you for your time. People have shows to watch, new places to eat, etc.

The best way to bring in the most targeted traffic would be to create as many high quality articles that you can that answers real questions that your clients have. Again, you won't be losing out on money. For every person who uses these tips, you'll get 2 new clients down the road because you've built trust.

Also, use good grammar and always double check your work! We will do our best to correct minor issues that we see, but we believe that it makes you, as a Business owner or Expert on a subject, to look more trustworthy if you use clear structure and good grammar.

PRO TIP: Listen to your customers and potential customers concerns. What are they asking for help with? What are their questions or problems? Use this information to create great, helpful topics. Starting your titles with WHY or HOW TO is a great way to get more readers, as long as it's not deceitful. In other words, don't create a headline such as "Why You're Fat and How To Get Skinny Fast" and then try to sell them on some fad diet. Make sure the Headline is relevant to the actual content that you're writing.

Just remember that people want to be helped and when they are helped - MOST of them are extremely thankful and will come back to find you when they're ready to shell out money!

We do not allow content posted elsewhere

Unfortunately, we cannot and will not accept content that's been posted elsewhere. It's not because we're jerks! (well, at least I'm not!) It's because Google actually penalizes sites that have duplicate content. They see sites like us and think we're like the rest of them (content farms). We're not, but they don't know that.

So, with that being said, please only submit UNIQUE content. 

No "spun" content. If you have to ask what that is, you're probably OK :)

We also do not tolerate SEO trickery. Coming from an SEO background, I know plenty of tricks, especially with article marketing. Please, let's not waste each others time.

We will be REWARDING those who go above and beyond to help others

We have plans on doing good things for those who do good things. Call it karma, call it generosity for those who are generous. We want to give back to those who do their best to give the best information and get involved in our community. While we won't go into details at this point, I can promise you we've been working on it. We'll keep you posted on our blog at:

Spread the word!

When you post an article(s) and it gets accepted, make sure that you share the article with people you know. Twitter followers, Facebook fans and friends, Google+ followers, Pinterest followers, etc. -- the more places you spread your articles, the more traffic benefits you will see. 

Google (the search engine) actually looks for things called "Social Signals," which is basically the Google Bot looking for links on Social Media sites. So if your article is being tweeted and re-tweeted, then Google will see that as having popularity. This is a good thing as it will get ranked quicker!

To Summarize

1. is more than just an "article directory." We're a true publishing platform with a built-in community behind it all.

2. Article Marketing is not just about writing articles, it's about HELPING and providing answers to questions and solutions to problems! STOP trying to sell in your articles, unless you're selling yourself (but don't take that literally, we do not condone selling yourself in real's against the law).

3. Write GREAT articles that benefit others, as it will benefit your business down the road (and immediately in many cases). Provide value to the reader and you will gain new fans of your writing, which simply means you will get new fans of your Business. Which, if you haven't figured out by now, means you will get more clients/customers/subscribers/whatever you're looking for :)

4. NO Duplicate content. We do not accept content posted on other sites. Sorry, it's not our fault. Really, blame Google!

5. Use Social Media to let the world know about your new article! Spread the word and encourage others to do the same so that you will drive more visitors to your site. Just PLEASE don't use SEO linking schemes to get your articles ranked higher. We will find out and we will have to ban you. It brings down the quality of our community and we will not tolerate it.

6. GRAMMAR and SPELLING: Please double check your work. We do our best to make sure things look good, but we can't correct people's mistakes too often. Please do your best to look everything over and double check all of your work. It makes a world of difference, trust us!

That's it!

If you have any questions or suggestions, or you just want to tell me how awesome I am, the form is below! :)


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