Taj Mahal - Symbol of Immaculate Love

Despite the fact that Mumtaz Mahal passed, it is the pious love that reigns supreme expressing itself through the biggest and most beautiful monument, the Taj Mahal. A symbol representing affection at its zenith, it stands in favor of unbridled love. Interestingly, and this could alone be the reason that why Taj Mahal tour is one of the most sought after tours of India.
Taj Mahal, as has always been the case remained an inspiration for those who truly love feelings, art, aesthetics, and human emotions. Not only that, it also appeals to the painters, writers, poets, and musicians. In fact, this great monument has become one of the indomitable inspirations for them.

The beauty of this structure is simply unforgettable as it has graced the city of Agra like never before. Located in the city of Uttar Pradesh, it has become one of the best symbols of love and compassion due to the presence of Taj Mahal. Whatever, be it the colossal architecture or any other aspect, its location on the banks of the Yamuna River is also one of the most compelling reasons to make the Taj Mahal Tour the most sought after.
Taking into consideration its location and features we find that its huge ground on the back rendering a beautiful starry background makes in the altogether indomitable entity. As we know that Taj Mahal was built in the memory of the beautiful wife of Mughal Prince, her real name was Arjuman Bano Begum. As far as the prince Khurram is concerned, his wife loved him more than anything else and this resulted in their consolidated union. What’s more, even when the prince went on for wars, his wife followed her and they lived together during warring times.

This prince was later known as "Shahjahan" that means 'Ruler/King of the whole World'. It was his decision that he honored his wife Arjuman Bano with a new name of Mumtaz Mahal and later came up with Taj Mahal. The intensity of love can be ascertained by the fact that the king and queen loved each other to a large extent. What’s more, even if the king went on any of the battles, Queen Mumtaz followed him, even when she was pregnant.
It was in the year 1631, when Mumtaz Mahal was pregnant, she went along with the king Shahjahan on his campaign to win the southern states of India. It was at this time, Mumtaz Mahal while giving birth to fourteen children died during childbirth at Burhanpur. She was about 39 years of age.

There are some stories that suggest that the king was getting devastated to a large extent. He even imprisoned himself in a room as he could not come out of the grief. In fact, after that he built the great Taj Mahal, which can be taken as catharsis in the wake of his wife’s death.

The beauty of this monument is so great that it reigns supreme even till date. All this has culminated in making Taj Mahal Tours as one of the most influential tours of India. A short backgrounder pertaining to Taj tells us more about the Mughals and the dynasty. Embark on glorious Taj Mahal tour packages that stand atop in the Indian context. The indomitable spirit reigns supreme that too without getting tarnished even by a tad.


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