Explore the Stunning Tourist Sites of Malaysia and Thailand

Pattaya is an adorable city situated on the east coast of the gulf of Thailand, 165kms away from Thailand. It is prominent for its beaches, among which Jomties beach is popular and crowded around the weekends. There are other attractions around the beaches like night shows, luxury restaurants, and best shopping malls which adds glamour to the place. Pattaya tours undoubtedly offer a unique experience and give an opportunity to explore the beauty of the beaches. The formations of the corals and the exciting water activities available on the beaches are the leading attractions major places in pattaya tours.

Pattaya is one of the desired destinations of the tourist where there is no limit of attractions points. The water sports, sea fishing, off-shore excursion, botanical gardens, beaches and many more attractions which touches the depth of your heart in no time. Your pattaya tour creates an amazing moment of your life as it offers an extraordinary sight seeing spots and adventures during your tour.

Though it has an uncountable attractions, among few of the major places which you come across your tour are like: Coral island tours- it is an idyllic beach offering a perfect day trip which is 45 minutes away from the west of pattaya through boat ride. One can relax on the white sandy beaches and go for a swim. Underwater world by submarine gives you an opportunity to get the closest and clearest view of the marine and coral animals. Pattaya zoo in the sriracha area is an amazing place where you can see the Bengal tigers living together with the pigs, dogs, in harmony which is hard to believe. In this zoo you get an opportunity to feed ostrich, crocodile and make elephant ride, see single hump camels and also the verities of bird species. There are many other attractive attractions and exciting activities which are amazing and worth visiting place in Pattaya.

We heartily welcome our visitors to enjoy Thailand Malaysia packages at its best. It is a best destination to make your vacation and a place where all the needs are fulfilled. During your vacation in Thailand take an early walk or a night vision which delivers the delightful view of the Thailand at its best. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is a prominent place to visit. Malaysia tourism offers a wide spectrum of exciting things and activities.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia has a wide variety of attractions which captivates more tourists across the world. It is a place of settlement where various religions like Indians, Malaya, Chinese, live together in harmony and peace. The Thailand Malaysia packages are an opportunity for the visitors to explore the unparallel beauty to its fullest. The tour package gives the true glance of the nature’s beauty and includes the major places like Pattaya, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket tour and city tour. Your Malaysia Thailand package lets you to explore the beauty and hospitality of the place with lots of exciting activities, enjoyment and fearless fun.


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