One Of A Kind Balloon Flights

Want to watch the sunset on a glorious summers evening, whilst drifting over some of a city's famous landmarks? Well, you can! Taking a balloon flight in the city is a brilliant day out - whether you take a romantic ride with your loved one or go in a group. To ensure you have the best possible experience, here are some handy tips!

Research Everything Before You Buy

Before you decide to buy a hot air balloon day out, it's best to research the company you wish to use. If you wish to travel in a group check their maximum number of people per ride so that you can be sure you will all be able to go. If you are going with the whole family be sure to check age requirements. Some companies will not permit children as young as five to fly, whereas other companies raise their age restrictions to 12.

Prepare For A One Of A Kind Adventure

Whether your flight is in summer or winter you can never predict what the weather is going to do. So it's always best to prepare for every eventuality! Wear warm layers and bring an umbrella - that way you should be covered for all types of weather. Be prepared to have your flight postponed if the weather is not right for flying. There is nothing the company can do about the weather, but they will usually reschedule the flight.

Get Your Friends Involved

Whether you want to go hot air ballooning on your own or in a group, there's no reason why all your friends can't come along and watch. Companies will usually allow your friends to come and watch you take off. They will then be allowed to follow the balloon along with the ground crew and end up in the same place as where you will land. Balloon flights mean you will end up in the city meaning you can continue the sightseeing with a night on the town!

The Important Bits

Flights usually last about an hour, but it's best to leave three to four hours for the whole experience. This leaves time for health and safety briefings and will give you enough time to arrive on time. Most companies will require you meet at a local pub or restaurant before taking you to the launch site. Usually because the launch sites are in fields off the beaten track and can be tricky to find. Lastly, don't forget to take your camera to capture all of the city's famous sites!

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