Top Five Things To Do For Your Birthday: Thrill Seekers

Celebrating your birthday can get tedious when you do the same thing every year. Why not mix things up a bit and do something different. For thrill seekers, the world is your oyster. Take a hot air balloon ride over an animal reserve. Or try your hand at paintball with some unwilling friends! Read on for our top five thrill seeking things to do for your birthday.

Get Your Wellies On And Go Sailing

Get the wind in your hair and your sails and have a go at sailing. Relax and unwind against a beautiful backdrop. Then be prepared to fight against harsh winds and crashing waves! There are many water sport centres across the country that host lots of different water based activities.

Safari Hot Air Balloon Rides

Celebrate your birthday taking in some breathtaking views - whilst being 3000ft in the air! How about with wild animals roaming around you? That is what it's like taking a safari hot air balloon rides. Take a group of friends and a pair of binoculars to spot the wild animals roaming around free in their natural reserve. That's if they can brave it!

Indoor Rock Climbing: Aim High

Indoor rock climbing is perfect for the amateur climber. With both tall heights and uneven walls, just like outdoor climbing - but a lot safer and warmer! There are many indoor rock climbing facilities throughout the country and many can be booked especially for birthdays. Thrill seekers beware: once you try indoor climbing, you may find you want to do outdoor climbing next!

Lock And Load: It's Paintball Time!

There's nothing better then a bit of competition to celebrate ones birthday. Throw in a bit of adrenaline and paint, and you've got paintball. This is a great test of loyalty and friendships as friends go head to head to be victorious of paintball. The winner? Whoever avoids getting shot with paint. Simple!

Go Skiing Even In The Summer

Britain may have freezing winters, but they are never cold enough to guarantee skiing will be possible. Well actually, it does not matter what season it is you can still ski in Britain. Head down to a dry ski slope and viola! These are great days out for anyone, whether you've skied before or not. Be daring and race your friends down the slope to see who will be crowned King or Queen of the slopes!

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