Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Have you ever thought of advertising your company on a hot air balloon? It's a very popular way of advertising now, with many companies jumping on the bandwagon and realizing how great the results are. Not only can everyone in the surrounding area see your advertisement, but it is likely to stick in their mind, and they will often tell their friends about the fact they saw your balloon.

Hot air balloons always attract attention. Whenever you're outside and someone sees a hot air balloon, arms fly into the air and everyone is pointing and exclaiming at the balloon. Having advertising on a balloon ensures your advert will be seen and paid attention to. Having a hot air balloon advertisement is like having your own billboard - everyone in the area will see it because of its size and the fact it's high up.

Hot air balloon advertisements will give your brand more awareness and recognition, drive traffic to your website when people search for you on the internet, which in turn will generate more sales. This way of advertising is a great way because it means you can target not just a certain age group or audience, but everyone in that geographical location and beyond, depending where your balloon goes.

As well as having your branding on a normal shaped balloon, you can also now have a balloon specially made for your company in a specific shape. For example, if you own a drinks company that typically sells drinks in cans, you can have a balloon made in the shape of a can, with your entire branding on the can balloon so people instantly recognize the novelty balloon as yours.

You can also market your brand on a hot air balloon at an event, whether it be a local or corporate event. Many events hire hot air balloons, so you could sponsor the event and have your branding on the balloon - hereby not only targeting anyone in the geographical area, but also specifically the people at the event.

Although balloon advertising is expensive, the rewards outweigh the cost by far. Not only does it have the potential to be seen my thousands, and even millions of people if it flies over a city, but it might also be featured in local newspapers or online through social media platforms. And with the power of social media these days, if you have a shaped balloon design that is eye-catching, one photo of it might have the chance to go viral.

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