5 Most Romantic Shows in Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world and the city where your guiltiest dreams can come true, Las Vegas is the perfect choice for a honeymoon or other kind of romantic getaway. With such a wide range of things to do Vegas has to offer, you can be sure you won’t have a dull moment. Depending on your idea of romance, you will have to choose between unique digging or sky diving experiences, exciting zip line adventures, panoramic helicopter tours, and dazzling roller coaster rides, to mention just a few of the numerous thrilling activities you can fill your day with.

After such a dynamic schedule, a romantic show is the perfect way to end a honeymooning day. Las Vegas provides plenty of choices in this area, too. From live concerts featuring Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson impersonators, to modern circus performances mixing exquisite acrobatics and vibrant shows of lights and colors, Vegas has everything for everyone. Here are our five heart recommendations of romantic shows in Vegas:

1. Mystère

The Canadian company Cirque du Soleil has earned its reputation worldwide for having reinvented the concept of modern circus. One of their most successful productions, “Mystère” is a permanent presence on Las Vegas entertainment landscape. Using suggestive chromatic, visual and audio elements and mythological motives, it tells a child’s initiation story.

2. Rock of Ages

A Broadway show orchestrated by the best rock contemporary rock bands, Rock of Ages will take through the entire history of this musical genre. The story of two youngsters and of their struggle for the American dream is just a pretext for the captivating dance moves and for the exquisite show of lights, all accompanied by rock hits of the 80s.

3. Le Reve

Another performance put on stage by Cirque du Soleil, Le Rêve is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself and your partner in a totally different world featured by air swimming and water flying abilities. If you are interested in the technical details, it is advisable to get VIP tickets. In this case, your evening will include Champaign and chocolate covered strawberries. What could be more romantic than watching a surreal show while sipping some Champaign with your loved one?

4. Zumanity

A mixture of sensuality and blunt humor, Zumanity is one of the most popular Las Vegas shows at the moment and the perfect choice if you want to explore your naughty inner self during your romantic getaway in Vegas. All Cirque du Soleil fans will find this provocative show refreshing as it provides a different perspective on sexuality and on their skillful acrobatic performances.

5. Legends in Concert

Vegas is famous for the number of impersonators appearing on stage on a daily basis, bringing back their idols’ best moves, singing their hits and wearing their typical costumes. With Legends in Concert, you have a tribute show featuring stars of all time, from the legendary Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra or Tom Jones to today’s divas like Britney Spears.


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