Is Caravan Insurance Compulsory?

One of the most asked questions regarding caravan insurance is, if it is a legal necessity to have this cover in place. Just to be clear, there is no requirement in law to have this type of cover, but there are important reasons why people do get cover. It is estimated that in the United Kingdom there are around 500,000 tourers on the road with a shocking 15-20% of these caravans are uninsured.

The biggest question to be raised with those who do not insure is, can you afford not to? The average cost of a claim is 19.25% more than the cost of a caravan insurance policy and with the general cost of touring caravans now upward of £9000 and static caravans at £12500, who amongst us can afford the loss in these regions?

Another vital aspect to consider when deciding if you wish to have caravan insurance is regarding public liability. Most insurance companies offer a minimum of £2million for injuries sustained by third parties or to their property arising from your ownership of the caravan. We ourselves have seen instances of injuries that have occurred from touring caravans becoming detached and colliding with other caravans with the consequence of physical damage to others.

These claims can run into tens of thousands and without insurance cover could lead to complications. The important thing to remember is that whilst on the road your car insurer provides the liability as you legally have to have motor insurance.

Nearly a third of caravan insurance claims occur when the van is in transit and 25% are regarding some form of theft damage. These examples are there to show that even with the best will in the world, accidents happen, then you're concern is what happens in that instance and the cost of repairing caravans is going up.

Another important aspect of caravan insurance which has been a great concern for the last few years is the harsh weather we have experienced. The number of storm damage claims has risen sharply and the recent floods in Wales have shown us the devastation that can be caused by the extreme conditions. There were a number of sites that were damaged and many static caravans were write offs as a result, now without insurance the potential financial ramifications could be immense.

One last thing to think about it this, caravan insurance cover is there for the unexpected. The van being damaged whilst being taken off the drive, the unfortunate scrape with another vehicle and other examples.

I hope this article has been of some use either way, but caravan insurance is there to take away some of the stress so that you can enjoy your time away!

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