5 Ways You Can Be A Tutor in College

Have you experienced teaching? Have you ever pictured yourself tutoring someone?

Teaching is one profession we have been exposed to, earliest. When we were kids, our parents or to some, older siblings, would teach us practical things like tying shoelace. And when we first entered school, we even dreamt of being a teacher someday.

There's no doubt about it, indeed. Teaching is a profession we have learned to appreciate early on.

If you are in college and your love for teaching stayed the same, then you might be interested to offer tutoring services to your fellow students. Somebody could use the knowledge you have up your sleeve. It can even help you earn extra cash you can use to cover for school expenses. You might even get to save some for off-campus fun.

There are several ways how you can be a tutor, and here are few of those.

Tutoring freshmen. The best mentors to incoming freshman students are their seniors. Those who graduated from way back college years ago might no longer be updated to campus events. Also, your advantage to other tutors is that you can personally meet with your students anytime they need help, as long as your class schedule allows.

Tutoring academics. Attention: You, who are currently in need of a parttime job, this might be the financial aid you are looking for. If you are used to teaching your buddies on lessons they missed or had a hard time understanding, then this is your chance to take those trainings to a new level. Offer tutoring services and get paid. Send an email to your friends over facebook and ask whether they know students who need tutor. Inform the subjects you can teach. Remember, honesty is crucial to gaining a person's trust. Do not commit to teaching something you barely understand. When your students are more than happy with your job, then you really need not look for clients the next time. They shall voluntarily spread the word about you, as an excellent student tutor.

Tutoring interns. Internship tips you lifted from personal experience would go a long way, when you share them with other students. You probably have won a slot in a reputable publishing house, or a major financial institution. And several other students are hoping they would end up doing the same as you did. Share contacts you have gathered, and few advice as well how to craft an effective resume and cover letter. And if you have some words regarding the attire required for the job without breaking the job, then you can also spill the beans to your proteges.

Tutoring extracurriculars. You have been been in the club since first year and are among the masterminds of recent events your organization hosted. It is high time that you pass on things you have learned during your stint, to new members. Use down times to offer unsolicited advice to your team.

Tutoring dormmates. Before you have been a pro, you have been new to dorm life, yourself. You are aware how good it feels to receive a warm welcome from people around. Reach out to newbies in the house who have just unpacked their stuff, and are still clueless how things actually work in campus dorms. Give them tips how to survive during their first days, such as how they can best manage dorm tasks like doing the luandry. You can also invite them to hang out with you during bonding sessions you hold with the rest of your dormmates. Introduce them to other students. Then, you might even aid them forge new friendships.


Not all mentoring jobs are paid,so assess your needs before you sign up for one.


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