Why Tutoring is an Ideal Part Time Job for College Students
You have been writing essays that professors laud. You also fare well with the rest of the class ever since. You know there are other opportunities aside from these jobs that part time students usually go to. Well you are right, there are other job options that you can explore. 
You know there isn’t anything wrong with waiting tables or mixing wines, but on the other hand, you also believe that you can do better than that. 
You can get off the beaten path.
There is one part time job that is highly beneficial to students like you, however is often overlooked. This isn't a new profession and you probably might have even used it, yourself - tutoring.
Tutoring has a lot to offer to students. You might not see them looking at your friends who are student tutors. But when you try offer tutoring services, you too, will realize its advantages. 
Leaving legacy
You don’t just touch somebody’s life for a fleeting moment. You are remembered for a long time, and you can keep track of the results of your hard work.
While waiting tables can give you a certain sense of accomplishment, tutoring goes to a wider extent. Your efforts are reciprocated. When your student informs you that they aced an exam you reviewed for together, it is enough to make  you happy the entire day. In the long run, you do not just remain a tutor to your student. You do not just impart knowledge. You also share friendship. 
Source of inspiration
Your students serve as your primary source of motivation. Since you know you owe it to them to stay knowledgeable on the field you are teaching, you make it a point to study hard and develop your skills further. You want to give your students no less than quality teaching.
As you strive to perform well in class and achieve your personal academic goals, you also want your student achieve theirs. And you want to be there to help them in any way you can, as their tutor. You might even find yourself guiding your student on their essay 24/7. Tutoring is not only helping others succeed. It is also helping yourself grow as an individual.
Impressive addition to your resume
This is not to say that part time jobs in restaurants would not do any help making your resume look better. Tutoring, however, applies to a wider perspective. It makes a worthy addition to your list of work experience whether you are set to venture to the hotel and restaurant, marketing, educational, engineering, programming, or even sales industry.
The task, first of all, requires a set of skills that employers want their people to manifest. From the ability to communicate well, willingness to work with a team, and the dedication to help - these are all vital as you enter the workforce.
Schedule is a common concern among part time job seekers. As a tutor, you can negotiate session schedule with your clientss. You can set it a time that is most convenient to both of you.
Hence, tutoring does not push you to set aside your personal commitments. You do not have to worry about making your teammates suffer when you request your shift be adjusted to make way for exams. You also would not have to worry about your boss suddenly assigning you to extend work time or customers keeping you at work when you already need to leave.


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