Holiday Villas & Apartments

Looking for a summer holiday can be stressful particularly if you are looking for accommodation that can cater to a large family or group of people. Especially if you are looking for luxury a self-catered villa or apartment are the best option for you. An online booking agency is a great place to search for the villa or apartment that you are looking for as they have chosen these villas carefully for their customers.

Cyprus is a great destination to visit for a summer holiday and all year round. There are a small minority of booking agencies that specialise in providing exclusive villas and apartments in Cyprus. There are various beaches to visit which include Phinikoudes Beach, Green Bay, Kapparis Beach and Agia Thekla Beach. One thing that you must do when visiting Cyprus is enjoy the food such as Mezedes which is a large selection of local delicacies and drink such as Zivania which is a traditional alcoholic drink where the alcohol content can range from 40% up to 99%.

There are various amenities that are available in both villas and apartments, this will help you narrow down your options. Villas can contain amenities such as plasma screen TV’s, satellite, modern kitchen appliances (fridge freezer, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, oven and hob, tumble dryer, washing machine), BBQ, DVD player, and not forgetting a swimming pool. Apartments can contain amenities such as air conditioning, swimming pool, fridge, freezer, DVD player, stereo, microwave, TV, balcony, garage, hob & oven, satellite TV and a washing machine.

When considering which particular villa or apartment to go for, I strongly advise that you look at the customer rental terms and conditions in the event of any problems occurring. This includes general terms and conditions, booking, payment, cancellation, accommodation & stay, flights, insurance, complaints and liability. General terms & conditions are mainly about the booking agency so read carefully. Booking will include VAT, booking procedure, deposit bond, payable deposit, and payment receipts.

Payment will include the forms of payment which will be cash, cheque, credit or debit card. Cancellation will include the terms and condition if the booking is cancelled by you or cancelled by the property owner. Accommodation and stay will include sub-letting, responsibility, extension of stay. Flights will generally include the terms of which you book your flights yourself, air travel arrangements, and how to notify them with the flight details when booked.

Insurance will consist of travel insurance that they recommend you get when going abroad and holiday insurance in any case of cancelling your holiday. Complaints will include notification, resolution of complaints, and accommodation owners. Liability will include whether they are liable for any aspect of loss, personal injury or death, however incurred. Another thing you should look at is their privacy policy and whether they are protected under The Data Protection Act, information held, marketing policy, and of course cookies.

I hope this information has proven helpful for booking cyprus villas or apartments through a booking agency and a little insight into Cyprus beaches and their food and drink.


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