How To Have A Safe Move

Nobody likes to move. Moving from one residence to another is a terrible thing to do. Well, not so terrible because you tend to have a very good output. But on the other hand, a lot can go wrong. And picking up and carrying odd shaped things that are heavy and fragile isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Especially if you know you're going to get yelled at if you drop it.

That's why when anybody gets "the call" on the weekend, or during the week, to help somebody move, it becomes a contest of who can come up with an excuse the fastest. Actually, the person receiving the call has to come up with an excuse, while the person calling has to get a commitment. Generally speaking, people aren't very good at coming up with fake excuses on the spot, which is why we all get sucked into moving. Well, at least we usually get free pizza.

So now you've agreed to help somebody move, or you've gotten your buddies to come over and help, how do you make sure it all goes smoothly and without issue? The most important thing is to take your time packing stuff up in boxes. The worst thing is for your friends to show up and have to box everything up. Not only will they resent you, but there's a much higher chance something will break.

So how do you pack? Take your time, and put things in boxes. Make sure to get plenty of bubble wrap, or wrap stuff up in newspapers. Label where the boxes are going in your new place. That way, when your buddies pick them up out of the truck or moving van, they'll know where they go. Otherwise, you'll end up with boxes everywhere, and not know where anything is.

In addition to labeling them with the name of the room, for the convenience of your movers, you should write a small note to yourself about what kinds of things are in there. That way, you'll know where stuff is when you start unpacking. Believe me, this will make things a lot easier.

It's also essential to get the right kind of moving van or truck. Don't skimp on size. Get one that's big enough to comfortably hold all your stuff. If you try and save money, you'll end up wasting a lot of time.

Remember, don't waste your friends time. Pack everything up before they get there, and be generous with their free meal afterwards.

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