How To Cook Vegetables That Taste Like Meat

Being a Vegan Can Have a Tasty Advantage

With many worrying about their diets and an evolved consciousness in meat, preparation has many completely cutting meats from the menu. There are several vegetables that supply healthy quantities of protein yet the taste of meat can be missed in many dishes. Tofu is made from soybeans and is often used in dishes as a meat replacement yet it has no flavor.

Just simply replacing the chicken in your favorite recipe with tofu will not have rewarding results. As a new vegan, I stumbled upon a find that special preparation of substituting tofu in any dish is necessary. Tofu may supply a healthy amount of protein and other vitamins or minerals found in meats but the flavor or lack of can ruin a dish and make it inedible.

Tofu is not the only vegan substitute for meat and many vegetables can be used as a healthy alternative. Seasoning and spices can greatly help in modifying flavors and creating dishes that taste like meat.

Some favorites such as meatloaf can be made with vegetables and does use eggs in the recipe but substituting carrots and potatoes and using spices and herbs can create a favorable dish that closely resembles meatloaf made with ground beef. It can take a few preparations and experiments in seasonings to find the flavor that most likely resembles one’s favorite recipe or style of meatloaf and watching sodium content of seasoning will also be important.

Many seasonings such as soy and others will help season vegan dishes but have very high sodium content and can have adverse effects of how nutritionally valuable the dish is created. It is not healthy to remove meat products to only replace with too much sodium, which can affect blood pressure and heart function.

Pizza is a popular treat and menu item and veggie-pizza is very popular. However, it is not necessary to try to make the veggies used to taste like meat but some seasoning or herbs like sage can be used to mimic sausage flavoring, and other seasonings such as imitation bacon bits can be used to create a meaty flavoring as well on pizzas or even salads.

Some may even make a favorite taco pizza using refried beans instead of ground meat and taco seasoning added to the beans can mimic taco meat. Pizza menu options open a grand scale of the meatless possibilities that can be made. Many will also substitute veggies in lasagna and common options are zucchini and eggplants that have a meaty consistency and lend a flavor that may be bland and will not overshadow seasonings used to mimic meat flavors.

Ground soybeans can be used as a ground hamburger alternative for making hamburgers and other dishes. Many restaurants and food establishments often use ground soybeans as a meat additive to save in costs and the flavor and consistency of meat/soy products is hard to distinguish.  A quick veggie burger can be created using soybeans and other vegetables such as ground carrots or potatoes like in the meatloaf to make a healthy treat while adding flavorings such as meat gravy packets, bouillon cubes, and herbs to alter the flavor and mimic meat flavorings. 

It is a wide selection if one searches recipe books and online recipe sites for meat substitutes and can even find recipes for vegetarian ribs and other meatless dishes sure to please a vegan diet with a meaty palette. 


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