The Health Benefits of Eating Tofu

A Healthy Heart Can Start With Tofu

A diet of healthy menu options can have many wondering what items can replace old favorites that can be healthy but not boring. Tofu has won a reputation as being one of the healthiest foods made from soybeans that replaces protein for those normally on a vegan diet.

Many will avoid meat products for several reasons and many of them are health related. It is necessary for humans to have a diet, which is well balanced for optimum health, and protein is a necessary requirement for normal function. Tofu is made from the curdled milk of soybeans and contains several nutrients.

Tofu can support health within a vegan diet or regular diet and supplies several nutrients and minerals. The soybean is full of healthy components such as calcium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, copper, magnesium and phosphorus.

These components play key roles in our health and tofu can be prepared in such a variety of ways it is a definite plus as a dietary addition. Several soybean farmers will use genetically modified seeds to produce the best crops and some may want tofu and soybean products that are not modified or that can be termed as organic. Hybrid soybeans have many uses though many feel for the best nutritional values that genetic modification can be harmful.

The nutritional ingredients of tofu can have a wealth of healthy benefits from supporting heart health, curbing asthma and arthritis to cancer prevention and good colon health. There is an enormous amount of research that is performed on this super bean and many have never found any health concerns of tofu or the soybean except that they can cause allergic reactions in some.

Allergic reactions to soybeans and products containing soybeans such as tofu can be severe or mild from hives and eczema to breathing troubles and swelling of the lips or tongue. Some allergies or sensitivities may be less reactive and one may only develop stomach irregularities such as bloating, headache, diarrhea, constipation or fatigue.

It is important that before adding any new items to ones diet that they are aware of the possible reaction items could cause in an allergic reaction and only try a small portion.  Tofu on its own is very bland and has no taste so trying just a chunk of tofu may be rather strange.

Tofu can be used like yogurt if a sweetener such as sugar or honey is added and mixed with fruit.  This may be the best way to try a bit of tofu to see how one’s body will react. Soft tofu is best for this and other types of tofu, which range in firmness, can be used as other menu items.

Soft tofu is easier to blend like yogurt and the softer the tofu the less fat content. Softer tofu’s are silkier in texture and work well as a yogurt, ice cream, sour cream or other dairy substitutes and soybean milk is used for many who may suffer from dairy allergies or lactose intolerance.

Soy milk although can have a higher fat and calorie content than skim milks if one is substituting for calorie purposes only. Firmer tofu products can be used as other substitutes for meats and in stir frees or other vegan dishes.

Tofu can be used and experimenting with tofu can be fun in creating such recipes as chocolate tofu mousse, a tofu salad sandwich, tofu curry and other tofu treats.


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