How to Find Mafia Wars Add Requests

Grow Your Mafia Fast With Add Requests

Mafia Wars is a popular online game hosted by Facebook and created by Zynga. An industrious idea once you join the application game on Facebook is that you create power and advance in ranking by growing your Mafia and the larger the mafia family the stronger you are in the game and you grow your mafia by including your friends and families to join.

Quickly it is devised that making friends simply to grow your mafia will support friend applications and member ads for multiple friends are created to attract attention for “add me” requests to your mafia. Going online within facebook on a supported page for members wanting to find other members and support mafia growth is possible and several pages are dedicated to those looking to be added to anybodies mafia as a friend for just this purpose.

An ingenious plane for gaming by having a social website create a mafia family game with friends supports that draws in players. It is a wonderful way also to meet people from all corners of the globe as they become part of your mafia family, you can chat and gift each other to help your family grow and earn rare items, property, and muscle.

For many they may want to grow their mafia quickly without the work of scouting prospective members. Add Friends pages will list members of Facebook that want to be added to your mafia and you to theirs. You simply log onto the page and click adds under each identity, you can quickly add several hundred members to your mafia.

There are several variations of hosted pages and some will require that the request be approved. Not all friends add requests are automatically approved and some may think twice or change their mind before accepting. Some will host an add a member page that one link will direct your request to 100 or more of its members and accepts could poor in within minutes.

It is hard for many that do not step over the traditional family and add as many people as possible regardless of who they are to their mafia to simply grow in strength. In addition, a variation of items purchased with real money can help one grow their mafia in strength. Throughout the game your mafia will own properties and earn cash in a various of ways and the quicker, you can grow your bank the faster you can become reputable in the Mafia Wars.

Many Mafia War players will create “Add Me” ads or spam that they litter over Facebook to Mafia Members and use special coding/programming skills to litter the social site with add me requests. This is an attempt to create “Auto Adds” for building rank extremely quickly.

It is against Facebook policy to send “Friend Requests” to those you do not know in real life and communities for people who are playing Mafia Wars and sites are available though for random players to become friends for simply the game itself. Many of these pages also exist all over the internet and not directly linked to Facebook and can be Googled quite easily.


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