Farmville - How to Find Free Farm Cash

Easy Steps in Finding Free Farm Cash

Farmville is a community game on Facebook created by Zynga and based on the ever-fun pastime of farming. The theme of the game is to build your own personal farm and as you tend your farm, you can watch it grow.

The farm rewards its farmer with healthy crops and harvest cash that can be used with in the game to purchase farm items such as tractors or barns and seeds to plant. Various crops will reward a different harvest price and will take varying increments to grow and be harvested.

Strawberries will pay possible $20 a bushel and only take 4 hours of growing before harvest while others crops like eggplants may sell for $180 a bushel but takes 4 days to grow.

The fun in Farmville also is in gifting your friends, family and Farmville neighbors with fun gifts for their farm that can range from trees and useful items or farm animals to holiday and seasonal themed items such as Christmas trees or even 4th of July decorations.

Even the snow and grass are for sale. Some items or special items are not available for the in game cash that is earned at harvest but for real cash that is converted to Farm Cash once you purchase the option. These items can range from clothes that you dress your little farmer in to boards used to build a bunny hutch. Advancement in the game can be greatly increased in those who invest in Farm Cash and support their actual growth with real money.

Farm Cash can also be earned when certain achievements have been accomplished and ribbons awarded and level upgrades will often be included with a Farm Cash Buck. It is not likely that one will build their Farm Cash banks quickly by working hard and earning such achievements as green thumb and pro harvest or but for $5 simple Farm Cash collected over time can buy a bottle of Unwither when you have forgotten to tend your crops and save the day.

Zynga and Facebook have sponsored gift days that Free Farm Cash is available on seasonable holidays, like Mother’s Day and other specials sponsored. Being active on a daily basis will boost chances of knowing when free Farm Cash is available and what is needed to qualify for the bonuses.

Some bonuses may only be available for a certain period while others can stretch for months depending on the promotional appeal and success. If a promotional free Farm Cash bonus is exceeding prospected revenues then they will likely extend the bonus due to its popularity.

Hack sites will offer on the internet cheat codes and backdoor access to an unlimited amount of Farm Cash that can be available. Many of these ads are found in wide searches from Google to yahoo and their validity is of interest. Is it capable to really just click on a hotmail link and suddenly be rewarded an unlimited amount of Farm Cash.

Does not sound likely and a red flag is surely to noticed by the Farmville servers even if a giant amount of cash does suddenly appear to be hidden under the barn. You Tube videos have even been created in serving a knowledge base on how to cheat and receive extra Farm Cash.


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I use to play Farmville few years back and but then I switched to battle royale and FPS games.

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